• Work on TIF rules is a good idea

    Time and time again, members of Vandalia's Tax Increment Financing advisory committee and city council have asked for more guidance as they considered applications for TIF grants and loans. Hopefully, they will be getting that sometime soon.
    Mayor Rick Gottman announced at Monday's council meeting that he is forming a committee to study the existing rules and regulations for TIF awards, and to recommend changes for those.
    That's a good idea, especially considering discussions on TIF requests at recent council meetings.

  • Budget impasse impacts continue

    The ongoing budget impasse at our state capitol has already affected municipalities and other entities that are owed money by the state. For example, the state owes the city about half a million dollars at this time.
    Add Ramsey Lake State Park and the community of Ramsey to the list of those being hurt by the stalemate involving our governor and legislators.
    Ramsey Lake State Park, which draws large numbers of people each year for camping, fishing and other outdoor activities, has been shuttered. And there's no indication when it will be reopened.

  • Wise decision by county board

    County residents have heard about a possible new ordinance, one that would govern the use of low-speed vehicles on rural roads in the county. Now, they have an opportunity to take a look at what has been proposed.
    The Fayette County Board last Thursday rejected such an ordinance, though that document – or a revised version of it – may come up again in the future.
    If a low-speed vehicle ordinance does resurface, at least it will be after county residents have an opportunity to take a look at what has been proposed and offer their opinions.

  • A chance to help those with cancer

    Earlier this month, we told you about a fund that has been established to help local residents who are battling cancer.  Next week, you will have a chance to join with those who are working to build up that fund.
    A meeting of the Fayette County Cancer Fund is being held at 7 p.m. next Tuesday in the Fayette County Hospital conference room. That meeting is open to the public, and we ask you to consider attending that meeting.

  • VCHS students do us proud

    While a Vandalia Community High School group and its leader continued to receive accolades, other students at the school were recognized for their efforts in the classroom and growth as individuals.
    On Sunday, VCHS wrestling coach Jason Clay was recognized as the Decatur Herald Area Coach of the Year for that sport. It’s the third time in his nine years at the VCHS helm that Clay has received the honor, though there have been numerous other years that he was deserving of the honor.

  • New cancer fund a help to many

    One can not dispute that the American Cancer Society, through its Relay for Life, has not benefitted area residents who have battled cancer. But many of those benefits have been indirect, such as the research funded by the ACS.
    And while the residents of Fayette County have been more than generous toward the ACS efforts, a group of county residents believed that they could provide a more-direct benefit to those fighting the battle.
    Thus, the birth of the Fayette County Cancer Fund.

  • Take a few minutes to vote

    If there were ever a time where we realized the significance of voting, this is it.
    The state of Illinois has been running without a budget for nine months – who’s fault is it, our new governor or our state legislators? Truth is, there is plenty of blame to spread around.
    Regardless of who’s to blame, it’s important to remember that they are our elected officials. It is us who elected them.
    If we want change, it is up to us to cause it by getting out to vote.

  • Congratulations to our athletes

    It's a good time to be a Vandal and a Vandal fan.
    The seventh-grade boys basketball team at Vandalia Junior High School wrapped up an outstanding season by finishing fourth in the state tournament last Thursday.
    Seven of the Vandalia Community High School wrestlers  advanced to the individual state tournament through their efforts at the sectional tournament on Saturday.
    The VCHS boys continued on their end-of-the-season hot streak with a convincing win on Friday night.

  • Put an end to the madness

    The local impact of the failure of this state's governor and legislators to come to terms on a state budget was brought to the forefront again on Monday night.
    Mayor Rick Gottman and Clerk Peggy Bowen told alderman that the state owes the city close to $400,000 for services provided to Vandalia Correctional Center.

  • Younger generation will need to step up

    Every December for the past several decades, families picking up their Caring and Sharing baskets in Vandalia were initially greeted by a man wearing a Santa hat bearing the words, “Bah, Humbag.” But, in reality, the guy wearing that hat expressed the true meaning of Christmas.
    Bob Hayner also expressed the true meaning and value of volunteerism.
    We’ve talked many times in this space about the importance of a community having residents willing to step forward to give of their time and effort for volunteer groups and projects.