• Compromise to aid VCHS band

    After operating under a cloud of uncertainty for more than a year, the Vandalia Community High School band last Thursday received a ray of sunshine when the Vandalia Board of Education agreed to restore half of the director’s position it had cut in early 2013.

  • Work plan may teach a lesson

    Every time we pass by the Little Red Caboose in downtown Vandalia, we're reminded of the senseless act of vandalism that has marred that aging landmark.
    Several months ago, two juveniles broke into the caboose and did their best to destroy it. In the process, they broke out nearly all the windows – which makes it an eyesore to the public and exposes the interior to the elements.

  • Remember vets on Memorial Day

    On Monday, our nation will pause to observe Memorial Day. We'll have a day off from work and we'll probably have a picnic with our family.
    After all, that's what the holiday is all about, right? It's the end of school. It's the kick-off to summer.
    Wrong. Memorial Day is much more than those things. It's a day we've set aside to remember those who have sacrificed to preserve our freedoms and to secure our nation. Many of those paid the ultimate price – sacrificing their lives so that we can be free.

  • 'Where are they now?' feature begins in L-U

    Year after year, a hundred (or so) students graduate from Vandalia Community High School. They walk across the stage, receive their diploma and – for many – they walk right out of our lives.
    For some graduates, we’re able to keep up with their schooling and career because we have special ties to them or their family. But for most, we’re unable to keep any kind of connection. They just disappear.

  • Sheafor a good choice for judge

    When Judge S. Gene Schwarm was appointed to the Fifth District Appellate Court, the question turned to who would replace him as Fayette County Resident Circuit Judge.
    The appointment last Friday of M. Don Sheafor Jr. answered that speculation. And it elevated an attorney with a long and distinguished legal career in Fayette County.

  • Organ project needs funding

    If you've been on the upstairs level of the Fayette County Museum lately, you know that there are some exciting things going on.
    The entire area is in the midst of being brought back to its former beauty when it served its initial purpose as a church sanctuary. The roof has been fixed, the ceiling has been uncovered and the walls are being restored.
    The long-term plan for that floor of the historic building is to restore the front third as a church, the middle third as a museum and the back third as an art gallery.

  • Promoting area tourism involves everyone – not just the officials

    In today’s issue of The Leader-Union, we proudly include our annual Fayette County Area Tourism Guide. Each year, we present that guide – with updated and new material – in hopes that it will serve as a one-of-a-kind resource about things to do and see in Vandalia and all of Fayette County.

  • County pay plan a good beginning

    Though it represents only a small step on the road to fiscal responsibility, the county board’s adoption last Thursday of a new pay schedule for four county officers is, indeed, a step in the right direction.
    The revised salary schedule applies to the offices of county clerk & recorder, county treasurer, supervisor of assessments and county sheriff.

  • Voice your opinion on Route 51 bypass

    If you were among the crowd of people milling around the huge maps spread on tabletops at last Wednesday’s public hearing on the route of the U.S. Route 51 bypass around Vandalia, you probably came to the conclusion that most of us did: That there is no perfect alternative for a bypass.
    There’s not even a good one.
    The reason is that regardless which route you choose, someone’s property is being compromised. Someone’s quality of life is being diminished.

  • How much are our schools worth?

    Last Thursday’s fundraising concert by the Vandalia School District bands was a feel-good evening that showcased the musical talents of students in the junior high and high school. From top to bottom, the students demonstrated their talent and love for music.