Today's News

  • Engagement

    Lauren Radliff of Chatham and Aaron Sczurko of O’Fallon have announced their engagement and upcoming marriage.

  • Evergreen Outreach

    By  Charlene M. Jett
    Our meeting on Monday can be remembered as the day the record heat broke! Naturally, the iced tea and water were started early, along with the delightful music played by Donna Smith. The cookies, supplied by Jamie Casey and Amy Vieregge, were pecan sandies, peanut butter and chocolate chip. We also had on hand angel food cake for those who need to keep their sugar low.  
    The Rev. Jim Fackler started the program with about a dozen one-line jokes, which would have made Bob Hope jealous! Where does he get them all?

  • In God's world of truth and order, there are moral rights and wrongs

    We don’t hear much about judgment day or hell these days. Perhaps we have become so modernized (or post-modernized) that condemnation seems out of place in our culture. In fact, with the incredible emphasis we place on tolerance and acceptance of all behaviors, condemnation seems quite inappropriate.

  • Liberty Trading moves store across Gallatin Street into larger facility

    After outgrowing its first 800-square-foot location at 422 W. Gallatin St., Liberty Trading has moved across the street to a 5,000-square-foot building at 425 W. Gallatin St.
    And even that is starting to fill up.

  • Kull Funeral Homes continues tree program

    Kull Funeral Homes of Altamont and St. Elmo have renewed their affiliation with the Lofty Oaks Assocation, a New Hampshire organization dedicated to reforestation and conservation efforts in Illinois.
    The firm arranges to have a tree planted for each service that they perform, in order to provide a living memorial in honor of the deceased and to renew the forest life of Illinois.
    The memorial trees are planted in the spring and fall. This program is part of a large endeavor to restore the landscape with the beauty of living trees.

  • Downtown Heated Storage opens in former Craycroft Oak Woods store

    Need some extra space to store some of your belongings that are sensitive to humidity or temperature swings?

  • Pyramid Marble & Granite

    Pyramid Marble and Granite, a company that is headquarters in Effingham, this spring opened a branch office in Vandalia.

  • Elam replaces Tammy Chappel as head of FNB customer service

    Janet Elam, customer service representative, has been promoted to customer service officer at First National Bank.

  • Frogtown News

    Celebrate Birthday
    Dane and Belinda Harpster of St. Peter spent the weekend with their daughter, Mahala Harpster of Gray Summit, Mo.
    On Saturday evening, they celebrated Belinda’s birthday at Colton’s Steak House in Washington, Mo., and were joined by Mitch, Gretchen and Owen Harpster of Cape Girardeau, MO.
    St. Peter Church
    Sunday morning worship attendance was 161. The organist was Jan Mendonca. Elders were Reggie Grandt and Kevin Wodtka. Acolyte was Emily Chapman.
    Remember in Your Prayers

  • Brownstown-Sefton News

    The Critter Corner Waterin’ Hole is Dry …
    … and the pasture grass is various shades of greenish-yellow and brown.
    We are keeping water available for all the critters all the time, and we even try to keep shallow containers of water out for the tiny creatures, such as little frogs, insects, and bugs, such as lightning bugs and butterflies.
    The longhorn cattle family takes all weather in stride, and can be seen on really hot days lying right out in the sun instead of taking advantage of the shade trees.