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  • VCHS students forming mentor group for VJHS

    A group of high school students presented to the Vandalia Board of Education on Tuesday their plan to mentor younger students and ease their transition into high school.
    Riely Ward, Macie Zumwalt, Madison Ledbetter, Bailey Elder and Ethan Durbin-Flack explained their reasons for forming the Grub Club.
    Ward, a sophomore, said that she and Zumwalt had come up with the “idea of (being) some kind of mentor” for younger students in the district.

  • Young Volunteer
  • Opening up liquor sales?

    A Vandalia alderman said on Monday that he would like the city council to consider opening up the sale of liquor to businesses other than liquor stores.
    And, at least two other aldermen agree with him.
    Thus, a council committee will discuss that issue.
    Russ Stunkel said during the part of the council meeting set aside for comments by aldermen, “Possibly the council should maybe consider it’s time to review the liquor procedure.

  • Isaac Hill map is discovered

    It was three weeks ago when my son brought the telephone to me. “Someone wants to know about the Isaac Hill map,” he said, as I reached for the phone.
    The caller identified himself as Mike Deschais of Lansing, Calif., and he asked what I knew about the Isaac Hill map.  Well, as it happens, I know a lot. 
    I began to tell him of the two maps and accompanying ledgers, and of Jack Cole, in whose custody they had been.
    Following Jack’s death in the early 1970s, the maps disappeared. I first saw the maps in 1986.

  • The Way We Were

    30 Years Ago

    1989 – Delbert Maroon was sworn in as regional Superintendent of Schools for Bond, Fayette and Effingham counties.
    Trent Kull, a 1985 graduate of Vandalia Community High School, graduated to the rank of second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.
    South Central High School personnel were getting ready for their first school year. The South Central District was formed by consolidating the Farina LaGrove and Kinmundy-Alma districts. Joe Ross is superintendent.

  • Banks of the Okaw

    No photo this week.
    This week’s Scrambler: trebte ot soel eth hnrcoa atnh eht owelh isph.
    Can you unscramble it? If so, call The Leader-Union, 283-3374, by 5 p.m. next Monday.
    Last week's Scrambler: If the idea is good, it will survive defeat. It may even survive victory.
    Unscrambling it were: Wanda Green, RuthAnn Garrison, Elizabeth Kasten, Cy Locke, Mary Cripe, Carol Behrends, Wayne Purtilar, Ed and Doris Young, Roger Mosley, Terry Martin, Larry and Joyce Cable, Lyle and Eula Haslett, and Edith Elliott.

  • Work day good for more than one reason

    Some of our local services clubs have seen their membership numbers decrease in recent years. Other service clubs are no longer in existence. What's needed is a way of showing the value and importance of community service, particularly to our younger generation.
    One way that can be done was on display on Saturday when about 35 Vandalia Community High School students, along with about a dozen parents, worked on the three school campuses.

  • Clarification sought on cannabis law

    Capitol News Illinois
    SPRINGFIELD — The state organization representing local units of government is asking leaders in the General Assembly to make clarifying changes to the recreational marijuana law before it takes effect Jan. 1.
    Brad Cole, executive director of the Illinois Municipal League, said the 1,298 cities, villages and towns in the state need guidance on four aspects of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, signed into law by Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker in late June.

  • Sheriff's Arrest Log

    • Terry L. Alsbury, 60, 629 S. Cherry St., Vandalia, was arrested on Aug. 12 on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol. Bond was $3,000.
    • Andrew J. Harre, 43, Merritt Island, Fla., was arrested on Aug. 12 on charges of burglary and theft more than $500. No bond information was listed.
    • Randal E. Howell, 27, Greenville, was arrested on Aug. 12 on a charge of theft more than $500. Bond was $40,000.
    • Freddie L. Payne, Noble, was arrested on Aug. 12 on a charge of methamphetamine possession. Bond was $30,000.

  • County looking to link to more secure network

    Fayette County is looking to tie into a computer networking line that runs between two local law enforcement agencies for cyber security reasons.
    Speaking for the county’s information technology vendor, Nathan Dothager, Assistant Fayette County State’s Attorney Brenda Mathis told county board members that Dothager is working on hooking up to the secured network that runs between the sheriff’s office and the Vandalia Police Department.