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  • Homestead Barn Critters
    Several readers have asked how the barn critters are doing in the hot summer, so, in answer to their inquiries – first, thank you all for your interest and for following them in the column.
    Bucky, the little cute burro, and his mentor, adviser and stablemate Lady, the little mini-mare and senior Homestead Critter, are doing fine in the hot, humid weather, as they have a window fan to cool them and discourage any flies.

  • Announcements
    Thursday, August 10

  • Spends Weekend with Grandparents
    Harper Jacquin of St. Peter spent the weekend with grandparents, Dale and Donna Jacquin of Washington, Mo.
    School Registration
    St. Peter Lutheran School registration will be held this Thursday, from 3-7 p.m., and this Friday, from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
    St. Peter’s Lutheran Church
    Sunday morning worship attendance was 126. The vacancy pastor is the Rev. Josh Frazee.
    The organist was Jamie Lotz. Dennis Wollin served as acolyte.
    Attending elders were Curtis Jenne and Ed Young.

  • Faith Can Move a Mountain
    And Kelly Devall can move a barn, which he and his helper, Dale, did last week.
    The story is, when we lived in the south woods, we bought a small, barn-type shed for storage. When we moved to the north end of the lane, we didn’t move it along with us. (It wouldn’t fit in the pickup truck))  
    We had tried to contact the man who had moved it initially, but learned he had quit the business.
    Therefore, we had to trek a quarter of a mile and back to look for something we   had stored.

  • Ten members of CenterPointe Church of Vandalia formed a team to go on a mission trip to Panama, and agreed to share their thoughts and feelings about their experience upon their return home.

  • News from the Chicken Roost
    One early morning last week, when Bill went out to feed the chickens, he found Rhonda Hen’s lifeless body.  
    There were no signs of foul play, such as a scuffle, feathers strewn about, etc.; it just appeared like she went naturally to the great chicken roost in the sky.
    We felt sorry for Blackie, as this was the second “best friend” she had lost. The first, our readers may remember, was when Anita Chicken was grabbed by a red fox and carried away, right in front of Blackie’s eyes!

  • Spending Week with Grandparents
    Madison and Dru Eller of Jackson, Mo., are spending the week with grandparents, Dane and Belinda Harpster of St. Peter.
    St. Peter’s Lutheran Church News
    Sunday morning worship attendance was 135.
    The vacancy pastor is the Rev. Josh Frazee.
    The organist was the Rev. Alan Holtz.
    Attending elders were Paul Reynolds and Brien Guy.
    Remember in Your Prayers
    • Those with health concerns:
    -Jay Rothe
    • Those with long-term health concerns:
    -Mark Dunaway