• Baccalaureate Service at VCHS

    Vandalia Community High School students presented a Baccalaureate service last Wednesday evening.

    Participating in the program were students Karlee Brimberry, Levi Kinkead, Arika Craig, Jaden Evans, Melissa Davis, Megan Dothager, David Zimmerman and Kate Shields. The Rev. John Glennon was the speaker and VCHS teacher Doug Forbes said the closing prayer. Shown in the above picture are, from left, Kristyn Nichols, Brandy Protz, Shields, Zimmerman and Justin Johnson.  

  • Andy Benes speaks to FCA; Hohlt new staffer

    Former major league baseball pitcher, Andy Benes, was the speaker at Friday's annual banquet of the All-South Illinois Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

  • Love your job? If not, it can be more meaningful if you work for God

    What comes to your mind when you think of work? For some of you, work brings very positive thoughts, feelings and emotions. But for some people, it’s just the opposite.

  • Week Of Prayer Activities
  • Church Briefs

    Summer lunch supplies sought

    The Summer Lunches for Kids program will begin on Monday, June 9, for children in Vandalia, Vera and Shobonier.
    Donations are now being sought to support the program – either creamy peanut butter and grape jelly for sandwiches or monetary donations to purchase additional items for the lunches.
    For more information or to volunteer, call Pat Rhodes at 283-5372 or Northside Christian Church at 283-1970.

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  • Evergreen Outreach

    By  Charlene M. Jett
    Our meeting on Monday started with an "Oops!" For two YEARS, I’ve been spelling Bette wrong – that is, Betty Stolte, our pianist, is really Bette! It’s OK, she knows me and just put it together with all the bad notes she has heard me sing!
    Now, on to the meeting!

  • With belief in Christ's resurrection comes eternal life

    In the words of the hymn writer, Sunday is “The Day of Rest and Gladness.”

  • Cut out the clutter – de-complexify your life

    How busy were you this week? How many clubs, groups, organizations, boards, etc. are you involved with each month? Do you go to bed each evening completely worn out and dreading what awaits you when you wake up in the morning?

  • Week of Prayer Events

    Several community residents gathered Wednesday morning at the Fayette County Building to pray as a part of the National Week of Prayer.

    Fifteen-minute prayer times also were held at the Vandalia Chamber of Commerce building and Vandalia Community High School. A prayer breakfast is planned at 7 a.m. Thursday at Crawford-Hale American Legion Home to observe the National Day of Prayer. 

  • Evergreen Outreach

    By Charlene M.  Jett
    Our meeting on Monday was between raindrops, after the previous night’s storms.  So,  that means we found the silver lining!  
    Our leader was Cindy Hunter. We shared refreshments and played a “FourGiven Quartet” CD entitled “Thank Him for the Miracle.” Please look this up at fourgiven.com, or call 283-4125.
    Hunter shared with us about her recent wedding anniversary and her adoption of a dog. At that point, everyone got to pet Dolly, Phyllis Rames' best-behaved dog in the world!