Substitute teacher training is next week

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Regional Superintendent of Schools, Julie Wollerman recently announced that her office is offering free training for current and prospective substitute teachers from 9 a.m.-noon next Tuesday at the Alternative Education Building, located at 1805 W. Fletcher St. in Vandalia.
Assistant Regional Superintendent Bill LaDage, will present this training.
LaDage prepared for substitute teachers when he was a teacher, and he hired subs during his tenure as a principal for the Vandalia Community Unit School District.
More importantly, he has been a substitute teacher himself in recent years, after he concluded his career as a building administrator. He brings his perspective from all of these experiences to this brief, but informative, session, Wollerman said.
In addition to learning strategies and techniques for being an effective substitute teacher, participants will learn how to register with the Regional Office of Education and receive a substitute teaching certificate.
To qualify for substitute teaching certification, an individual must be a college graduate.
During the workshop, LaDage will also explain the other requirements to obtain and maintain a Type 39 Substitute Teaching Certificate.
Wollerman said, “Having a pool of effective substitute teachers is vitally important to the educational process for all school districts.
“I am pleased to provide this free service, which will benefit not only those who participate, but also the schools they will serve in the months and years ahead.”
Although there is no cost to participate in this session, pre-registration is required. Register by emailing or telephoning Regina Johnson at reginajohnsonroe3@gmail.com or 664-0121.
Duties of the Regional Superintendent of School, an elected officer, go beyond providing professional development and certification of educators.
In addition. Wollerman’s office provides alternative education opportunities for students, inspection of school buildings, monitoring compliance of school districts, GED testing, bus driver training and issuance of work permits to minors, as well as other state- and federally mandated services.
For more information on the services offered by the Regional Office of Education No. 3 and to learn more about upcoming professional development opportunities, visit the office’s website, at www.fayette.kl2.il.us or call Wollerman or LaDage at 283-5011.