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The 15th annual Kimberlin family reunion was held Saturday, June 12, at the home of Michael and Kathy Brown of Vandalia, with 70 in attendance.
President Margaret Luster conducted the business meeting and thanked everyone who helped organize the event, especially the Brown family.
Treasurer Connie Harre gave the financial report and expenses for the past year.
Secretary Deanna Hovious read the minutes of the 2009 reunion with new business as follows: births – a son to Keith and Denise Harre on Sept. 22, 2009. He was named Greyson Dean. Grandparents are Henry and Connie Harre;
One death – Tommy Steve “Taco” Kimberlin on July 20, 2009.
Officers for the next year are: president - Margaret Luster; vice-presidents – Kent and Terry Kimberlin; secretary – Deanna Hovious; and treasurer – Connie Harre.
The afternoon was spent visiting, swimming, looking at pictures from past reunions, taking new pictures and eating fried chicken with many side dishes and desserts.
Those in attendance were: Sharon and Ray Roedel of Denver, N.C.; Kent and Terry Kimberlin of Gilbertsville, Ky.; Tom LeRette, Terry and Denise Kimberlin, Rochelle, Kaitlyn, Jordan, Jadan, and Kamden Albertson, all of Kenosha, Wis.
Larry and Tina Kimberlin, Cassandra, Dominique, Jayronda, and Jeren Kimberlin, Christina and Aiden Kimberlin, and Zak Kimberlin and friend Trish Berry, all of Windsor; Dustin, Michelle, Drake and Mason Kimberlin and cousin Alyssa, all of St. Ann, Mo.;
Brandon Kimberlin of Mattoon; Andi Lane and Tina Kimberlin and friend Joe, all of Altamont; Branson Stephenson of Mt. Olive; Jack and Kimberly Kimberlin and daughter Christine, Amy and Jack Kimberlin, Jake, Tara, Paige, Jace and Addie McWorther, Keith, Denise, Ava Lynn and Greyson, all of St. Peter;
Michael, Kathy, Darin and Mattie Brown, Sheldon and Katy Jo Satterthwaite, Nathan Schaub and Ben Cripe, all of Vandalia; Henry and Connie Harre, Monda Kimberlin, Margaret Luster, Shannon Harre, Mark Kimberlin, Earl and Deanna Hovious, Allison Brunk, Chad Kimberlin, Carrie and Brenton Brown, Rebecca Wehrle and Brittany Kistler, all of Brownstown.
Nine of the 10 living children of Monda and the late Ralph Kimberlin were in attendance, along with 14 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren.
Direct living descendants include 10 children, 32 grandchildren, 42 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren.
Next year's reunion will held in July, possibly at the Brownstown Central Park.

The annual Frank and Maude Workman Springman reunion was held on Sunday, July 18, at St. Mary’s Hall in St. Elmo, with 68 people in attendance.
Ron Marx asked the blessing for the noon meal.
Family groups and other photos were taken and old wedding, graduation and baby photos were displayed.
The children played ladder golf and other games outside, and board games and magic tricks inside.
Those present from the late Thurman and Hazel Springman family were: Rob and Angie Springman of Lovington; Ryan Springman, Decatur; John and Liz Bantner, Murphysboro; Richard Lee Springman and granddaughter Jessica Springman, Richard Dwayne and Raquel Springman and two children, Richard Theodoro and Lourdes Dianna, Bartonville.
From the late Clyde and Mildred Goldsboro family: Gerard and Nancy Frey and children, Haley, Levi and Grayce, all of Trenton; Susan and Herb Wodtke, Farina; Charles and Betty Britt and Greg and Janet Goldsboro, all of Patoka.
From Pauline and the late George Springman family were: Bill and Betty Springman of Brownstown; Brianna Springman, Vandalia; Jeff and Carla Higgs, Altamont and Russell Springman, Brownstown.
From the late John and Madge Brown family: Revis and Marilyn Calvert of St. Elmo; Janet VanSant of Farina; and Jewel Brown, Effingham. It was the twins' birthday and they brought candy apples and gummy worms to their aunts and uncles. Daryl Calvert and son and the Rev. Reed and Sharon Brown Stein of St. Elmo visited after her Stein reunion.
From the late William and Beatrice Scribner family: Helen Scribner Meyer of Springfield; Margaret Scribner Basak, Mokena; Frank Springman and son Michael Springman, St. Elmo; Phyllis McElheney, Metamora; Dave and Arlene Lynch, East Peoria; Doug, Renae Jennings and son Damon, Iuka; Roger and Rickie McElheney, Centralia; Madonna Schwarm, Michael and Marianne Schwarm, and Russell Schwarm, all of Farina; Mary Wright and Crystal Lucas, St. Louis; Ina, Max Becraft and daughter Christina, Dunlap; Iris Hall, Gina Hummel and daughters Courtney South, Stephanie South, Kristin South and friend Tom Schlafly, all of St. Louis; Jim and Pat Whitehead, St. Peter; and Ron and Tabby Marx and daughters Winona and Hannah of Orem, Utah.
The Hall, Hummel, South, Whitehead and Marx families hosted the reunion.

The annual Darnell reunion will be held on Sunday with a 12:30 p.m. potluck meal at Liberty Christian Church. Tableware and beverages will be provided.
Liberty Church is located five miles north of Brownstown.

The descendants of O.L. Brown will hold their 71st annual family reunion this Sunday, at the Senior Citizen Center in Vandalia, with a potluck meal at 12 noon.
All family and friends are invited to attend.

The Dothager family reunion will be held on Sunday at the Pleasant Mound Community Center, with a potluck meal at 1 p.m.
All family and friends are invited to attend.