A more casual society evident in the courtroom

Does anyone else take a look at our society today and reflect just how much more casual we've become about everything?

I'm old enough to remember the days when most businessmen, teachers, etc., dressed more professionally everyday, with the males wearing ties, if not ties and suits, to work everyday.

Heck, when I was in high school, there were even very few girls who ever wore jeans to school. They either wore dresses or dress slacks. That was back when all of our male teachers wore a tie every day.

Just how casual we've become struck me when attending recent court hearings.

At one hearing, one of the females who was there just to watch the proceedings came walking in wearing a pair of flannel lounge pants and a wife-beater T-shirt. It looked like she rolled out of bed just minutes before heading to the courthouse.

It was even more evident at another hearing, when a female who was facing a new sentencing hearing because she failed to comply with the terms of her conditional discharge.

Her attitude during that hearing did nothing to endear her to the judge.

Every time the judge asked her a question, she simply said, "Ya," not even bothering to look at the judge.

I waited for the judge to say something to the female, but she didn't. But I knew this female was pushing things.

The kicker came when the judge confirmed to her that she could pay fine money while being housed in jail. The female said she wanted to make sure the money went to her fine instead of her bond.

While saying that, with an attitude, mind you, she used the word "frickin.'"

That did set the judge off. "You have been totally disrespectful throughout these proceedings," the judge said, adding that she would not tolerate any more of that.

And the thing is, I wouldn't expect this female to act much differently the next time she's in court.

Rich Bauer is the managing editor of The Leader-Union.