ExxonMobil Annuitants

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The ExxonMobil Annuitants Club met on July 25 at Chinatown Restaurant in Litchfield, with 34 members and four guests present.
Vice President Mike Mulhern welcomed all members and guests followed by the pledge to the flag.  Brock Fisher gave the blessing prior to the buffet meal. 
After the meal, Mulhern called the meeting to order.  The secretary and treasurer reports were read and approved. Birthdays and anniversaries for July were also read.
Exxon grants were discussed. Mulhern announced that he and his wife, Laura, have both volunteered for Zion Lutheran School in Litchfield, and the school has received a $1,000 check for their efforts.
Others reporting on grants included Brock Fisher, who announced that his son, Claude, earned a $1,000 grant for a school he volunteers for in Oklahoma.
Carolyn Johnson reported that she has volunteer hours, but has not yet completed the paperwork.
Others expressed interest in applying.  LaVerne and Don Laux have one turned in for senior citizens and are awaiting payment.
Madelon Fisher found a math brain teaser that everyone tried to solve.  Harry Craddick gave the solution.
Mulhern announced that next month’s meeting would be a fish fry held at the home of LaVerne and Don Laux in New Baden on August 29. The cost of the food will be reimbursed by the club. LaVerne Laux announced that she has maps for members.
The Mulherns invited everyone back to their house for ice cream and cake.
Members present were:  Roger and Becky Bergman, Dean and Elloise Black, D.R. and Pat Caldwell, Harry and Betty Craddick, Dallas and Jo Fairley, Brock and Madelon Fisher,  Frank and Carolyn Heigert, Carolyn Johnson, Karl and Dianne Kozak, Don and LaVerne Laux, Dick and Barb Lounsbury, Paul and Nancy Mihalek, Vera Miller, Dick and Barb Mottershaw, Mike and Laura Mulhern, Dave Poe, Butch and Martha Shelton, Jim Sprayberry, and Junior and Betty Williams.
Guests present were Millie Brooks, Jane Hammond, and Kenneth and Angela Fisher.