Evergreen Outreach

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By Charlene M. Jett
Nothing was usual on Monday – you would have thought Jerry Lewis himself was there, with a cadre of redheads. Wow. It was the comedic genius of Judy Varga and Randy Schukar. inspired by Jesus, that cracked us all up. Let me explain, but you should have been there.

Betty Stolte welcomed everyone with her fine mixture of classical and contemporary music. We sang “Happy (95th) Birthday” to Mary Crawford and were also glad to see Beulah Brown at 95.5.
What a treat to see and visit with them both. I daresay I need a plan for the next 30 years; please forward all financial budgeting expertise to me immediately.
After being served tea and ice cream bars, yes, we sang our welcome and Outreach songs, and the Rev. Joe Lawson gave a lesson from Ephesians about positive thinking.
He explained how important it is to be helpful, and how having a bad mouth is a very negative thing. We should encourage each other.
He suggested a “new” management tool of running laps around a track if you have a bad mouth.
Judy’s opening number was “Just a Closer walk with Thee,” so just think about it. Everyday get closer, but you cannot get too close.
Yes, we did the chicken dance and the Locomotion, with explosions of steam and energy.
Randy sang several of his country songs, and Judy dedicated “Wonderful World,” to Mary Crawford for her birthday (instead of the expected “Honky Tonk Angel”).
Mary said a few words about receiving many blessings and that she was very thankful. She said she really didn’t see 95 coming, so all of us need this to have heads up – it is coming.
As if by a miracle, Judy sang “As Time Goes By – I need Your Love.” How fitting to think of how time goes by so fast or slow, depending on our frame of mind.
Comedy consumed the stage when Randy sang “Elvira,” and since Brenda was missing in action, Judy became Elvira.
Randy could not shake Judy from her relentless teasing and tormenting. Her “Yeses” were the funniest ever and put this act on scale with Jerry Lewis. Randy went buts, and so did we.  Randy was worried that all the other women in his life might get the wrong idea. 
OK, so I bet you didn’t think that things get nuttier – wrong. Randy sang “Hey Good Lookin” and  “Honky Tonk Angel,” and Judy sang “Love Potion No. 9.”
So, with new lines and tight clothes, Judy left Randy – not in control.   His exasperation was in overload.
When Randy sang “Your Cheating Heart,” the action had faded. I truly believe Randy was serious when he sang “Release Me,” let me go, let me find a new love. I just don’t know how much more of “Elvira/Judy” he can take.
At this point we all were “Crazy” on a temp basis, depending on whether Elvira/Judy was around or not. Randy really needs a wireless mic, so he can sing and dance at the same time, without Elvira/Judy.
Enough. “Splish Splash, I Was Taking a Bath” was delivered with gusto.
We all ran out of gusto and were tired of being ignored by the pinochle players. Richard/Susan lost to Mary /Rosamund.
That’s all I’ve got to report on this party, so until next month, God bless. Hope to see you then.