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Fayette County Board Meeting Held

At the Tuesday, March 12 Fayette County Board meeting; five of the six items on the Consent Agenda were approved:
• ARPA request for $16,000 to repair the brick on the Courthouse,
• Low bids for road oil and materials from the Motor Fuel Tax letting, which was held February 6, and was for the County and various Road Districts,
• Resolution 2024-03-12-A-2, which is opposing Sanctuary State Status,
• Pivot Solar Application, and
• Hercules Solar Application.
According to a Board member, the number of applications for solar has been higher than expected.
The discussion and possible approval of the Washington School roof repairs was tabled until the next Fayette County Board meeting on April 9. The issue will be put before the P.B.C. (Public Building Commission) for more information before the vote.
The item continued from the Finance Committee’s Consent Agenda concerning the Agreement and related Agenda with the Illinois Department of Transportation in regards to resurfacing the 6th Street & Main Street side road approaches in Ramsey was approved. This is in conjunction with the proposed U.S. 51 resurfacing project.
In New Business Resolution 2024-03-12-B, opposing funding related to the immigration crisis was passed.
The discussion on the efforts of Macis Group, a lobbying group, to obtain funding for a new Courthouse and Jail was tabled until the April Board meeting.
A report via Zoom by Merrell Collins stated that all allegedly unanswered calls to the Animal Control Center had been answered, but many were duplicate calls regarding the same issue. Animal Control Administrator Loralyn Valencia has been working successfully with Ramsey to provide services to stray/abandon animals in the Ramsey area.
A “Thank You” was given by County Board Chair Jake Harris in appreciation to the County employees and the County Board members for their “diligent” work to cut costs for the taxpayers in this county.