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Authorities looking into death of St. Elmo K9 officer

The St. Elmo Police Department is investigating the death of its K9 officer, according to a press release.


In a joint statement from Police Chief Jeremy Scruggs and St. Elmo Mayor Kim Baron released on Monday, the city stated that it had been notified of Drogo’s death on July 27.

“An investigation into his death is ongoing,” the release said. “Until the investigation is completed, no further information can be released.”

The announcement of Drogo’s death comes nearly a year after the K-9 was introduced on the police department’s Facebook page.

“This is another tool that we believe will help eliminate more drugs from our community,” the Sept. 6, 2022, post said.

K9 Drogo had reportedly completed a six-week academy program in February.

“K9 Drogo will make a great asset(sp) to the Saint Elmo Police Department,” the post on St. Elmo’s Facebook page said. “K9 Drogo is certified in evidence tracking, human trafficking/trailing, narcotics detection in vehicle and rooms. K9 Drogo is also certified in suspect apprehension.”

The last update on the Facebook page about Drogo was on June 7 when Officer Worker and Drogo visited the 70 children who had attended the Friends of the St. Elmo Community Park District free lunch program.