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The Bethel Baptist Church to host Gospel Music Sing

    The Bethel Baptist Church in Vandalia, IL, will be hosting the Gospel Music Sing crew on Sunday, April 23, at 6 p.m. The inspirational evening of musical praise and entertainment will spotlight the familiar hymns of the church that represent the musical heritage of our Christian faith. The evening concert program will feature both vocal and instrumental presentations of many of your favorite hymns; and there will be a lot of audience participation throughout the evening concert program as well. If you love singing the training hymns of the church, you will be sure to enjoy the Gospel Music Hymn Sing experience!

The evening concert program will feature many singers and musicians from the highly popular Homecoming Gospel Choir musical experience. John and Judy Roberts will serve as hosts for the evening concert program. Tim Parton, southern gospel music’s premier pianist, will be a the keyboards for the evening concert program. Polly Launay will be featured on several selections during the evening concert program. Vocalist Cheryl Harre will be featured on “Amazing Grace” and “Because He Lives.” John Upcraft will be featured on an instrumental presentation of “How Great Thou Art.” For Heaven’s Sake, a popular southern gospel music trio comprised of John and Judy Roberts and Cheryl Harre will be appearing on the evening concert program as well. And everyone will enjoy the Hymn Sing Quartet comprised of Chris Donoho, David Keefer, John Roberts and Scott Larsen featuring Tim Parton on the piano.

Everyone is cordially invited to attend this enjoyable evening of music and entertainment. The concert begins at 6 p.m. Admission is free, and a love offering will be received. The Bethel Baptist Church is located at 182 Illinois Route 185 approximately 8 miles west of Vandalia. For additional information regarding Gospel Music Hymn, please contact the church at office at 618-346-7451 or John and Judy Roberts at 618-245-9133.