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Coroner asks public to be more respectful at accident scenes

“As the coroner of Fayette County I am asking that the general public be more respectful of everyone’s privacy.  Yesterday I was called to the scene of a fatal accident on Interstate 70 near Wal-Mart.  Someone posted a picture of that accident on Facebook before the family was notified and less than an hour after it occurred.  In this case the person killed was not from this area, but what if he had been? What if it was some relative or close friend saw this on Facebook before being notified?  Would you want this to happen to you? Please don’t post tragedies of this type on Facebook just because you happen to there.  We need to think about those people whose lives will be forever changed because of what has happened.

   I also wish to thank all those who assisted at the scene – the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department, Vandalia Police Department, ISP, McDowell’s Towing and especially the Vandalia Fire Department personnel.”

— Statement from Fayette County Coroner Dave Harris