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Vandalia swears in new city treasurer

Treasurer Danielle Caruso, left, is sworn in by Mayor Ricky Gottman and City Clerk Carla Huhn during the city council meeting Monday night. Photo by Leah Williams.

By Deborah Simcox, Correspondent

The 2022 Small Business Awards were presented by Mayor Ricky Gottman and City Administrator LaTisha Palsay at the Vandalia City Council meeting on Monday, June 20 at City Hall. In new business the following items were passed:

• An Ordinance providing for interim compensation for Administrator and additional Interim responsibilities,
• An Ordinance amending salaries for Fiscal Year May 1, 2022 – April 30, 2023 (Treasurer & Economic Development),
• Order of appointment – Treasurer,
• A Resolution ratifying and affirming order of appointment of City Treasurer.
The new City Treasurer, Danielle Caruso, was then sworn-in by City Clerk Carla Huhn and Mayor Gottman.
• An Ordinance Amending the Vandalia Municipal Code Title II – Administration & Personnel (Economic Development Director/Tourism).
This position has been vacated by the previous Economic Development/Tourism Director, and is now open for applicants.
• Transfer of Lake Lot 47 from Danny Yakel of Vandalia to Bayli Mason of Brownstown,
• Transfer of Lake Lot 90 from Nate Peterson of Vandalia to Shane Henson of Brownstown,
• A Resolution declaring the property located at 313 South First Street, within the City of Vandalia, Illinois, a Public Nuisance,
• A Resolution declaring the property located at 823 West Gallatin Street, within the City of Vandalia, Illinois, a Public Nuisance,
• A Resolution declaring the property located at 1232 West Johnson Street, within the City of Vandalia, Illinois, a Public Nuisance,
• Authorization to seek bids for Annual Sidewalk Replacement,
• An Ordinance amending Chapter 12.08 Sidewalk construction at Section 12.08.035 reimbursement, and
• Authorization to upgrade lighting on four lamp posts on Fourth Street, and
• Purchase of mower for Cemetery.

An Ordinance amending the Vandalia Municipal Code at Title XIII Public Services at Section 13.04.130 Potable Water required was tabled for later discussion and action.

Mayor Gottman reported on the “June Teams’ Day”, celebrating Juneteenth Day, presented for the employees of FNB Community Bank for its employees, to which the Mayor was invited. The Speaker was Jackie Joyner-Kersee, a four time Olympics participant, bringing home three Gold Medals, one Silver Medal, and 2 Bronze Medals. She was the first American woman to win an Olympic Gold Medal in the long jump and the first woman to compile more than 7,000 points in the seven-event heptathlon. “Sports illustrated for Women” namedJoyner-Kersee top female athlete of the 20th century. Joyner-Kersee spoke of growing up in East St. Louis and her motivation to achieve and to pass on the encouragement she received as a youth. She developed the Joyner-Kersee Boys & Girls Club in East Louis, IL.

Gottman also related the closing of the street between Wal-Mart and the Star-Max Theater for refurbishing. Gottman also informed citizens of two local restaurants, which have closed (Gallatin Street Grill & Embers) and that another restaurant is scheduled for closing. He encouraged residents to support local businesses to ensure that they will remain open. Streets Chair Steve Barker expressed his appreciation for the City employees who spent a good deal of time picking up downed limbs after the storms last week. Buildings & Grounds Chair Andy Lester and Mayor Gottman are getting bids for replacing the storage building in the cemetery.