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City discusses high gas prices

One of the issues discussed during Monday’s Vandalia City Council meeting was gas prices and how the extra cost is impacting the local economy.

Mayor Ricky Gottman addressed the council, stating that he had sent certified letters to each of the local gas station business owners to inquire about the price at the pump and how they may be reflected in different communities. Each owner was also invited to attend the council meeting but no one was in attendance.

Gottman added that he did receive correspondence from Pilot Traveling and from the chief executive officer of the Illinois Fuel and Retail Association. The Pilot letter in its entirety is on Page 4 of this week’s Leader-Union, while the Illinois Fuel and Retail Association can be found at

Gottman said he had also kept close watch on other areas, and many stations in Salem, Sandoval and Centralia were selling fuel at comparable prices to those in Vandalia.

Gottman said much of the issues expressed by citizens were those who claimed that prices in Effingham were up to 40 cents lower than those in the city.

“They are all equal to where we are in gas,” he said. “They are even starting to go up in Effingham.”

The site states that prices in both Vandalia and Effingham range from $4.99 to $5.19 per gallon on Tuesday.

“It’s not just a Metro East area versus us out here,” Gottman said. “It’s a situation where they are telling us that they are not making prices. Who to believe? I don’t know.”