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Primary election ballots are set

The ballot has been set for the primary election this summer in Fayette County.
The filing period for primary election petitions ended on Monday afternoon for the June 28 primary election.
Other than those who are listed on the ballot, candidates for the primary election could include any write-in candidates.
The final day for write-in candidates to file a declaration of intent with the Office of Fayette County Clerk Jessica Barker is April 28.
County voters will have at least one race to vote on in June. Two Republicans have filed to run for sheriff: incumbent R. David Russell, who was appointed sheriff last September following the resignation of Chris Palmer, and Ronnie Stevens, who currently serves as a sheriff’s deputy for the county.
Because both of the sheriff candidates filed at the same time, a lottery will be held to determine which one holds the top spot on the ballot.
Barker said that the lottery would be held at 9 a.m. next Wednesday.
Others who have filed for the primary include the three county officers whose terms expire this year, and at this point, they have no primary or general election competition.
Supervisor of Assessments Cindi Lotz, a Republican, is running for a eighth term in office.
Michelle Hagy, also a Republican, is seeking a second term as the county treasurer.
Jessica Barker, a Republican who was appointed county clerk and recorder in April 2020 following the resignation of Vicky Conder, is running for her first full term.
Also filing nomination petitions for the June 28 election are:
• Ronald D. Wilson-R, Ramsey Precinct committeeman.
• Matthew “Matt” Hall-R, Shafter Precinct committeeman.
• Bryce Kistler-R, Vandalia 1 Precinct committeeman.
• Leon Otto-D, North Hurricane Precinct committeeman.
• Merrell Collins-R, County Board District No. 2.
• Jacob “Jake” Donald Harris-R, County Board District No. 1.
• Russell Adams-D, Pope Precinct committeeman.
• Tim Taylor-R, Loudon Precinct committeeman.
• Kathy Emerick-R, Vandalia 2 Precinct committeeman.
• Glenda Bartels-R, County Board District No. 5.
• Ronald Marshal-D, Vandalia 7 Precinct committeeman.
• Denise Stine-D, Wheatland Precinct committeeman.
• Todd Best-R, Vandalia 9 Precinct committeeman.
• Larry Emerick-D, Vandalia 8 Precinct committeeman.
• Aaron Halford-R, North Hurricane Precinct committeeman.
• David Harris-R, South Hurricane Precinct committeeman.
• Curt Goldsmith-R, Kaskaskia Precinct committeeman.
• Russell Knight-D, Seminary Precinct committeeman.
• Ashley Towler-D, County Board District No. 5.
• Douglas Knebel-R, Vandalia 7 Precinct committeeman.
• Douglas Knebel-R, County Board District No. 6.
• K. Randal Braun-D, Vandalia 1 Precinct committeeman.
• Alan E. McDowell-D, South Hurricane Precinct committeeman.
• Randy Pollard-R, Vandalia 8 Precinct committeeman.
• Daniel Holstein-R, Vandalia 7 Precinct committeeman.
• Joe A. Wills-R, County Board District No. 1.
• Chris Kohlman-R, Farina 4 Precinct committeeman.
• James Wehrle-R, County Board District No. 6.