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Election filing under way

Five incumbents were among the eight people waiting in line as petition filing for the June primary got under way in Fayette County.
This year, the primary election is being held on June 28, and the general election is on Nov. 8.
Those waiting in line to file petitions on Monday included the following incumbents:

Those who were first in line as the filing period for the June primary election began on Monday morning are pictured above. From right to left are Michelle Hagy, Republican incumbent county treasurer; Ronnie Stevens, Republican candidate for sheriff; Casey Cameron, Republican candidate for county board District No. 3; and David Russell, Republican incumbent county sheriff. Also first in line was Jessica Barker, Republican incumbent county clerk and recorder, who submitted the photo.

• Michelle Hagy-Republican, treasurer.
• R. David Russell-Republican, sheriff.
• Cindi Lotz, Republican, supervisor of assessments.
• Jessica Barker, Republican, county clerk and recorder.
• Mack Payne, Republican, county board District No. 2. Payne also filed for the Republican precinct committeeman in Pope Township.
Also filing for a county officer position was Ronnie E. Stevens, a Republican seeking the party’s nomination for sheriff for the general election. Stevens is currently a sheriff’s deputy.
With both Republican candidates for sheriff filing at the same time, a lottery will be held in the near future to determine which candidate will have the top spot on the ballot at the primary
Also filing for Casey Cameron, a Republican running for county board District No. 3.
Those filing petitions as of Tuesday morning were:
• Ronald D. Wilson, Republican precinct committeeman in Ramsey.
• Matthew “Matt” Hall, Republican precinct committeeman in Shafter.
• Bryce Kislter, Republican precinct committeeman in Vandalia No. 1.
• Leon Otto, Democrat precinct committeeman in North Hurricane.
• Merrell Collins, Republican candidate in county board District No. 2.
• Jacob “Jake” Donald Harris, Republican candidate in county board district N. 1.
• Russell Adams, Democrat precinct committeeman in Pope.
The filing period for the general primary election ends at the close of the business day next Monday at the county clerk’s office.
However, petitions will be filed at the end of the month for another spot on the ballot this year.
Two Vandalia men have announced that they will be running for Fayette County’s resident circuit judge post, and one of those has already filed nominating petitions.
That post is up for election after the current resident circuit judge, Republican Don Sheafor, announced that he is retiring and would not seek retention.
Those announcing this weekend that they are running for resident circuit judge are Democrat Marc Kelly and Republican Joshua Morrison.
Kelly, a Vandalia native, has been serving as an associate judge in the Fourth Judicial Circuit for 10 years after being in private practice with the firm of Burnside, Johnston and Kelly.
Morrison is in the middle of his third term as Fayette County’s state’s attorney. Prior to being elected to that post, the Pana native served in the Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office.