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Park board discusses season closing procedures, future projects

As the park season draws to a close, several items, both improvements and future needs, were discussed at last week’s Vandalia Park Board Meeting. In the report of Vandalia Airport, Park Board Presi-dent and Airport Committee Chair, Dustin Brewer, reported three items were completed – certification of the fuel pumps,
all runway lights fixed except one, and
the flagpole light fixed.

Park Supervisor Kent Torbeck reported that the park circle drive on Fillmore Street has been oiled. Of the three bridges on the walking trail, one has been replaced at $12,415, but the other two need replaced. A motion to replace one of these two bridges was made and carried. Torbeck stated that the vandalism to the park bathrooms is ongoing.

Financial/Personnel Chair Ty McNary announced that four resumes have been received and reviewed for the existing opening of the secretarial position.

The position recently vacated by Jerry Stewart, who worked 14 years for Vandalia Parks is still open. Stewart was present for part of the meeting to thank the board members for being good employers. Several board members responded by thanking Jerry for being a dedicated and hard-working employee.

Grounds/Equipment Chair Kyle Hawkins stated that he is still waiting for parts for some of the playground equipment. A discussion regarding the inability to clearly view the scoreboard at Pit Field resulted in a tied vote on its replacement, and a move to table this issue.