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County voters to elect new park, library directors

Three park districts and two library districts have expiring seats which will be on the ballot in the Consolidated Election which will be held on Tuesday, April 6.

Greater Brownstown Park District

The Greater Brownstown Park District has three seats up for full four-year terms, and one unexpired two-year term. There are no candidates listed on the ballot for any of these positions.

St. Elmo Park District

The contrary is true for St. Elmo’s park district. With three seats open this election, three candidates are on the ballot – Daryl M. Calvert, Danny Tish, and Kimberly Baron. There is an unexpired two-year term open as well, however no candidate is listed for the position.

Vandalia Park District

With one six-year term available on the Vandalia Park District board, there are no candidates listed on the ballot. However one person, Kyle Hawkins, has turned in to County Clerk Jessica Barker, his intention of running as a write-in candidate for the position.

Library Districts

Evans Public Library District

Three six-year terms are available on the Evans Public Library District board, with three candidates running for those seats.

They are Bruce Randy Edwards, Charles Hutson, and Gabriel Emerick.

David Riegel is seeking an unexpired, two-year term on the board.

St. Elmo Public Library District

Three candidates  are seeking three seats on the St. Elmo Public Library District board. Those candidates are Tony Koberlein, Connie Kamnick, and Beverly Koberlein.