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Frogtown News

Weekend Visitors
Mitch, Gretchen, Owen, Aaron and Henry Harpster of Jackson, Mo., spent the weekend with Dane and Belinda Harpster of St. Peter.
Furnace Fundraiser
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church will have a furnace fundraiser on Saturday, Oct. 24, from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at St. Peter Lutheran School.
Due to COVID-19, it is carry-outs only. Sandwiches, chips and soda, with free-will donations. Homemade pies are $12.
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church
The guest speaker was the Rev. Perry Schefelker.
Sunday morning worship attendance was: 8 a.m. service, 66; and 10:15 service, 57.
The organist was Jan Mendonca.
Ed Young, Kevin Wodtka, Jeff Wasmuth, Darrell Wollin, Marvin Wollin, Jay Rothe were the attending elders.
In Our Prayers
• Those with health concerns:
Coleen Blomberg
Rick Dorr
• Missionaries to Puerto Rico:
The Rev. Anthony-and Jamie DiLiberto and family
• Those with long-term health concerns:
Pam Berg Kepley
Kenneh Hiestand
Bruce Robb
Haven Mueller
Camryn Coughlin
Sue Courson
Ann Dunaway
Carl Benning
Larry Hagen
Maria Oswald
Jerry Lunch
Andy Dunaway
Kay Holaday
Doris Wollin
Eleanor Deverick
Kendra Butts
Max Montgomery
Cathy Hassebrock
Mark Dunaway
Lisa Pemberton
Craig Wolff
Tammy Morrison
Betty Riechman
Norman Gehle
• Those Serving Our Country and their families
Kristofer Reynolds and family
Joann Carpenter
Keith Graumenz
Shirley Harmeier
Twila Magnus
Wesley Warden
Hunter Brandt
Sybil Henderson
Kevin Roberts
Karen Benning
Malinda Hinton
Sharon Moss
Duane Schaefer
William Schneider
Paisen Lotz
David Henderson
Brock Sigrist
Chris and Jane Miller
Datniel and Penny Davis

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