Brownstown-Sefton News

HCE Get-Acquainted Day
The Fayette County Annual Get-Acquainted Day potluck dinner and auction fundraiser will be held Sept. 15 at the Golden Years building in Brownstown.
Registration is at 9:30 a.m. and potluck meal at 10:00.
The popular Make It-Bake It-Sew It-Grow Auction will offer handmade and homemade items, and Home-Grown plants (herbs, flowers, etc.), all of which promotes lively and sometimes highly competitive (but always civil and non-combative) bidding.
HCE Sefton Unit
The October Sefton HCE meeting will be the annual Hobo Stew Day.
 Everyone is to bring two cans of vegetables, one for the food pantry and one for the stewpot.                                                      
Members are to wear the appropriate clothing for the event if you like (hobo attire), and invite a hobo friend to share the stew.
Farewell To Our Friend Betty
Our hearts were saddened at the news of the passing of our friend of many years, Betty Miller, who was also a friend of our village of Brownstown, and also a staunch and loyal supporter of our veterans, and our public workers and defenders in uniform, including the first responders, firefighters, law enforcement and those who are working in the health fields.
Betty was a dedicated and conscientious worker for the community during her years as First Lady of our village, the wife of the late Jesse Miller, who was our village president.
Her works and interest in Brownstown continued, and she planned and organized several community programs and functions to pay homage and honor others, including the ones in uniform who serve the public.
Betty worked quietly, behind the scenes, to direct our attention to those who serve us and keep us safe, often without our notice and realization of their work and often sacrifices, in order to continue to serve us.
And, On a Personal Note…
  Betty has, on occasion, asked me to help her with a project, and she was an efficient, planner and pleasant, co-operative partner to work with.
She once drove up our snow-filled lane to work on a plan for a community project.
When she moved to Vandalia to the Brookstone Estates Assisted Living, she called me to announce that she was organizing a parade of the men and women in uniform she had so admired and to whom she had urged others to recognize and others to honor.
She wanted her fellow residents, neighbors and the staff to see the people who served the public.
She was a dear friend, and loved to puzzle me by placing collectible items in our mailbox, causing me to wonder where they came from.
She always acted so innocent, that I was never really sure who was doing this until she finally confessed.
If Betty was reading this over my shoulder, she would insist that her name be left out and pay tribute only to those she so appreciated and worked to help others recognize them for their service and the jobs they perform so willingly and well. (She has done this in the past, wanting no recognition for herself.)

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