School board issues statement on COVID-19

Statement from Vandalia Board of Education
Vandalia Schools have ventured into the new school year successfully. Many things have changed due to COVID-19. Our schools have to adhere to recommendations of Illinois State Board of Education, IDPH and balance these with Fayette County Health Department and the needs of the 1,700 students and faculty we serve. This is a challenging time for both school and community. The criteria for attending school and staying in school are posted on the school website and may also be viewed on the school app. The basic criteria to remember is to wear a mask, social distance, and stay home if you’re sick. More information is available on the school district website. The purpose of the criteria is keeping our schools healthy and safe. Politics and personal opinion have been set aside to get our schools open.
The Board of Education thanks administrators, school nurses, teachers, bus drivers, food service, maintenance, custodial and all other staff for working together to get our schools started. We appreciate all you are doing. Success in education comes from all our team working together in concert for the good of students.
Success in our schools is also a partnership with parents and community. We are not perfect and take input seriously.  We ask the input given will be in a kind manner – speak as you wish to be spoken to. Take an opportunity for positive comments when appropriate. Encourage your children and those in your sphere of influence to work together for the best school outcome possible. Unity is the strength of our community. Let’s keep working together.
Thankfully, Vandalia
School Board
Joe Lawson, Joe Schaal, John Campbell, Connie Goldsmith, Ryan Lewis, Adam Braun, Kevin Satterthwaite


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