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Buckwheat “Bucky” Burro Discovers new toy
Bucky has discovered a new toy – his own feed bucket
We have always enjoyed his running, jumping, kicking up his heels as he bucked like a rodeo horse and cavorting around his pen, especially now that he has Ellie, the doggie, who sits and shows rapt to his antics.
But now he has discovered a new pastime (one that makes a lot of noise) – playing with his feed bucket.
He rolls it, pushes it, sticks his head down in it throws it and some how makes a noise that sounds like a Native American drum or tom-tom, just like the old western movies sounded. He also makes a loud rattle with it (that would be the metal bail on it clanging against the bucket.
 We might hear his bucket donkey serenade anytime of the day or evening, as he plays his bucket sounds early in the morning when he is wanting breakfast or anytime he shows off for Ellie the doggie.
   This must be a burro favorite thing to do, as the late “Smokey,” the adorable little donkey, also loved to push his big vlue barrell around the pen, making a lot of noise, at any time of the day, night or very early morning.
Helping Hands Food Pantry Food Give-away …
… is Saturday, Sept. 5, at the Golden Years Club building in Brownstown, from 9:30 a.m.-noon. Follow the present COVID-19 rules – stay in your car and food will be brought to you. One box per household. Sponsored by the Brownstown Ministerial Alliance.
Fayette County HCE Sefton Unit
… met on Aug. 13 at the Golden Years building in Brownstown, with 13 members in attendance.
Chairman Flo Allen led the pledge to the American flag, and called the meeting to order.
Elizabeth Kasten gave the roll call with the following answering: Janice Stanford, Flo Allen, Sally Behrends, Connie Green, Helen Reeter, DeeDee Diveley, Lois Jackson, Carol Oldham, Carolyn Grames, Bonnie Kramer, Elizabeth Kasten, Carol A. Behrends and Panzi Blackwell.
Allen distributed several informational papers to each one present.
Allen reviewed the board notes, and some discussion followed. She reminded all present of the September meeting , with more information to follow on the activities of the day.
Allen also reminded the members of the October Hobo Day meeting for which all members are to bring two cans of vegetables, one for the food pantry and one for the pot.
As usual, Allen will prepare the large stewpot with a delicious and tender, simmering roast beef, just waiting for the cans of vegetables that members will add to it, with no pre-planning of who brings what kind of vegetable.
Amazingly, the free will, unplanned, hobo stew always turns out delicious, healthy and hearty.
Allen said that the IAHCE challenge for each unit is to design a logo featuring the butterfly, which will be next year’s theme.
Kasten suggested the town of Pocahontas as a possible destination for the annual Sefton Unit summer trip, to visit the Copper Dock.
Bingo cards were then passed out and the group enjoyed playing the old-fashioned game, which has remained a favorite and fun game throughout the years. Small prizes were awarded to the winners which, it turned out, was everyone, as everyone went home with at least one prize.

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