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Monday, July 27
• Fayette County Home and Community Education Board, 1:15 p.m., Vandalia Senior Center.
Labor Day Parade, Cake Walk Canceled
St. Elmo Lions Club is unable to assume liability or comply with the governor’s COVID-19 restrictions, so the Labor Day parade and cake walk are officially canceled.
Fayette County Museum
The Fayette County Museum in Vandalia is now open from 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.
HCE Annual Meeting
The 72nd annual meeting of the Fayette County Home and Community Education was held July 13 at the Senior Center in Vandalia. Registration was 4:30 p.m., and Elizabeth Kasten gave the blessing for the 5 p.m. potluck.
The tables were decorated with lighthouses to carry out the Illinois Association HCE theme – Power of the Past, Beacon to the Future.
President Ashley Davis called the meeting to order and recognized two young guests, Emily LaMar and a foster daughter who held up the flag for members to give the Pledge of Allegiance. The members then recited the Aims of the Homemaker.
The Bingham/Ramsey Unit was in charge of registration and reported that in addition to the two guests, 20 members signed in.
Anna Jean Rhodes was in charge of the memorial service for two deceased members – Della May Probst of the Bingham/Ramsey Unit and Helen Wright of the Wright’s Corner Unit.
Donna Blair gave the Probst memorial and had some photos on a poster. Probst was a 56-year member – she joined in 1964 and died in 2019 – and had served on the board.
In memory of Helen Wright, Rhodes put a vase of flowers on the memory table. A 51-year member, Wright joined in 1969 died this year, and had also served on the board.
Secretary Joyce Mueller gave a report on the June 2019 annual meeting.
Treasurer Connie Green gave a report on last year’s expenses and presented the 2020-21 budget that was voted on and accepted.
Next on the agenda were reports from the other officers.
First Vice Debbie Segrest reported several minor and major lessons were available for the units to pick up. The Fayette County Extension Office has been closed since March, but the secretary, Debbie Boley, was able to print several of the lessons that had been needed earlier and took them to the Senior Center.
Second Vice Anna Jean Rhodes reported 22 of the 83 members had perfect attendance at the unit meetings. Nineteen have one to eight years, but three have more than 20 years – Anita Smith of the Vandalia Day Unit and Flo Allen of the Sefton Unit each have 24 and Kate Jennings of the Wright’s Corner Unit has 23.
Rhodes then announced the seven new members and all were absent. Each one receives a yellow flower, an Aims of the Homemaker brochure and an IAHCE pin. Their units will take to them. The new members are Judy Watson of the Sefton Unit, Lois Propeck of the St. Elmo Unit and Paila M. Mercer-Wagner-Hess, Stacy McMillan, Carol M. Taylor, Hannah M. Wagner and Brenda Whipple.
Rhodes read the names and Davis had certificates and a pin attachment for the following five-year members: Mary Jane Mattix of the St. Elmo Unit, Sue Miller and Marian Willenborg of the Vandalia Day Unit, and Wanda Paslay of the Wright’s Corner Unit; 10-year members: Loretta Heischmidt and Sharon Shelton of the  St. Elmo Unit, Phyllis Bruno of the Sefton Unit, Debbie Segrest of the Vandalia Day Unit, Amanda Miller of the Wright’s Corner Unit; 15-year member: Glori Magnus of the St. Peter Unit; 20-year members: Kathy Bray and Millie Schroeder of the St. Peter Unit; 25-year member: Joan Schaal of the St. Peter Unit; 30-year member: Anita Smith of the Vandalia Day Unit; 35-year member: Doris Rubin of the St. Peter Unit; and 40-year member: Ellen Door of the St. Peter Unit. No one had 45 years.
At the IAHCE annual conference in March, membership certificates were given to Fayette County to present at the county’s annual meeting – Martha O’Dell of St. Peter, 72 years and the only surviving 1948 charter member; Anna Jean Rhodes of the St. Elmo Unit, 71 years; Dorothy Harpster of the St. Peter Unit for 63 years; Sally Behrends of the Sefton Unit for 61 years; Ruth Schnake of the St. Peter Unit, 59 years; Evelyn Probst of the Bingham/Ramsey Unit, 58 years; Marilyn Magnus of the St. Peter Unit, 57 years; Elizabeth Kasten of the Sefton Unit, 57 years; and Carol Austin of the Wright’s Corner Unit, 54 years.
The deceased member’s name, Helen Wright, is on a certificate for 51 years, and it will be given to the Wright’s Corner Unit to give to her family.
Community Outreach/Family Issues/CVH Donna Blair gave certificates and/or seals to those who qualified with volunteer hours.
International Marian Rubin told the International Program will be held in October. Cultural Enrichment Edith Runkle and Public Relations Rhodes each gave a short report.
All the present officers were re-elected for the 2020-21 year, but the District 4 Director Sharon Davis was unable to be present to install the officers. She plans to be at the Monday, July 27, board meeting that will be held in the afternoon in the Senior Center.
Betty Philpot, who was unable to attend, received the 2020 Homemaker of the Year plaque.
A couple of years ago, Fayette County HCE completed the Unit of the Year plaque and decided not to continue with another plaque. The largest units, Sefton and Vandalia Day, score the most points, but the smaller units also do a lot of work and collect many items for recycling. President Davis made a certificate for each unit
Some of the special recognitions on the certificates: Vandalia Day for getting five new members; Sefton for having the most members with perfect attendance; St. Peter had the most percentage of members who attended the annual and international meetings; Bingham/Ramsey organized and conducted an after-school cooking class; St. Elmo collected in six categories; St. Peter makes many food donations in several areas and Wright’s Corner, the smallest unit, makes crafts for the nursing home and donates much to veterans.
Davis then presented a certificate to each officer in appreciation of her work. Another certificate was given to Blair for the much work she did when the county had the responders’ dinner.
Names were drawn for six door prizes.
In addition to the two guests, those present were Ashley Davis, member-at-large; Glori Magnus, Marilyn Magnus, Doris Rubin, Marian Rubin, Sandra Rubin and Joan Schaal of St. Peter; Flo Allen, Connie Green, Elizabeth Kasten, LaVonne Kramer and Betty Williams of Sefton; Donna Blair of Bingham/Ramsey; Sue Miller, Joyce Mueller, Edith Runkel, Megan Runkel, Debbie Smith and Debbie Segrest of the Vandalia Day; and Anna Jean Rhodes of St. Elmo. No one was present from Wright’s Corner.
St. Elmo Lions Club
The St. Elmo Lions Club July 13 meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. at Mary Ann’s Restaurant.
President Dave Maxey opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, and Pee Wee Denton led in prayer. Others present were Don Crawford, Roger Fulk, Skip Heaton, Holly Huffer, Dan Laack, Mark Lash, Bob Lowe, Rex Reeder and Bob Wells.
The club acknowledged the past members who are no longer with the club. Max Hollinshead, Richard Lowe, Will Williams and two who died, David Cox and Randy Wolf. On Tuesday, after the monthly meeting, Lloyd Stanley, who had the longest membership of 58 years, died.
The club acknowledged the members and their families for a combined 114 years with the club, for over a century of community service.
The 2021 officers are president, Dave Maxey; first vice, Bob Wells; second vice, Roger Fulk; secretary/treasurer, Don Crawford; tail twister, Bob Lowe; lion tamer (this was to have been Lloyd Stanley); reporters, Dee Newberry and Skip Heaton; one-year term directors, Mark Lash and Al Nevergall; two-year term directors, Holly Huffer and Rex Reeder; membership committee-chairman and one-year term, Skip Heaton; two-year term, Dan Laack; and three-year term Pee Wee Denton.
The St. Elmo Lions Club is unable to assume liability or comply with the governor’s COVID-19 restrictions, so the Labor Day Parade and the Cake Walk are officially canceled.
Lions Club members will assist the local food pantry once again with their July 14 delivery.
Board of Education
The St. Elmo Board of Education met at 7 p.m. on July 13 for a special session and discussed plans for the upcoming school year.
The board accepted a letter of resignation from Dana Paslay as high school softball and junior high softball head coach.
The board employed Charles Smith as a substitute bus driver.
The board accepted the resignation of Cassidy Moss as volunteer junior high volleyball assistant.
American Legion
The American Legion Post 420 met the evening of July 14 at the Legion Home, with the following present: Commander Marvin Forbes, Denny Braasch, Chuck Bosomworth, Bob Heckert, Bid Himes, Wayne Lovett and Ernie Myers.
Young men who have served in the U.S Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, etc. are urged to become a member of the American Legion. Since December, at least five members of Post #420 have died. If you are eligible, call any of the Legion members.
Because there will be no parade on Labor Day, the Legion will not have the annual fish fry.
The Legion building is now available for rent for $100, plus a $50 cleanup fee. If the renter cleans the building when the event is over, the $50 will be refunded. To rent the building, you can call Bob Heckert, Marvin Forbes or Ernie Myers or any of the other members.
Embarras River District UMW
The Embarras River District United Methodist Women Leadership Team had the previous meeting in January 2020, and because of COVID-19 was unable to have the March meeting.
The meetings are held at the Effingham Centenary United Methodist Church and the meetings are in a room on the ground level, but the July 15 meeting was held in the basement, so the officers could be 6 feet from each other and face masks were required; therefore, no refreshments were served for the 9 a.m. meeting.
President Sharon Niksch of Casey opened the meeting and led the “UMW Purpose.” There were 11 officers present.
Spiritual growth coordinator Sheryl Brandenburg of Neoga gave devotions.
The chairman of nominations Anna Jean Rhodes of St. Elmo, reported that she and the three other members on the committee – Jeannie Adams and Kathy Richart, both of Robinson, and Pat Hildebrand of Newton – met on July 14 at the Effingham Centenary.
Nine of the 18 offices have to be filled for 2021. There are nine current officers whose terms haven’t expired.
Officers will be elected at the Sept. 15 annual meeting, so the nominee names need to be put in the Embarras Eddy, the district newsletter, that will be printed in August.
Some of the offices have been accepted, but there are still four or five to fill. Adams and Richart attended this meeting, but Hildebrand was unable to.
Jane Casey of Newton, a Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House rep, is filling in as secretary (no one accepted the position for 2019) and read the January minutes. Treasurer Debbie Ramey of Shelbyville gave the treasurer’s report.
Communications Cheryl Murphy was unable to attend, but will need the Embarras Eddy info from the officers by the end of July.
Coordinator reports: spiritual growth-Brandenburg will give the memorial at the annual meeting (it usually is given as the April district spring meeting that was not able to be held this year); social action-Shirley Harder of Altamont and program resources-Karen Heighten of Marshall were unable to be present; membership, nurture and outreach-Ione Elliott of Shelbyville gave a report; Cunningham Children’s Home rep Carol Kessler of Shelbyville reported that the annual quilt show, which was held over the Internet in June made more than $55,000; Lessie Bates David Neighborhood House reps Jo Sanders of Marshall and Casey said they had not been to the Lessie Bates Davis this year.
President Niksch gave a report on the Illinois Great Rivers Conference United Methodist Women Leadership meeting.
The annual meeting of Embarras UMW will be on Tuesday, Sept. 15, at the Neoga First United Methodist Church, with registration at 9 a.m. The meeting will be 9:30-to almost noon. No food will be served.
Before the meeting closed, dates were set for nine 2021 Embarras River District UMW meetings.
The 2020 Illinois Great Rivers Conference United Methodist Women’s 24th annual meeting will not be held in a church; it will be virtual from 9-11 a.m

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