Reopening plan includes three options

Return to Learn Reopening Guidelines
Aim: To safely open schools including extracurricular activities for the 2020-21 school year and respond accordingly during the year
• We believe that teachers are our most valuable asset to increase student’s educational outcomes and in-person instruction is our goal if at all possible.
• All efforts shall be made to adhere to the Illinois Department of Public Health and Fayette County Health Department guidelines to avoid cancelations or mandated closures.
• Health guidelines will be top of mind when making decisions to establish a safe learning environment for students, staff, and families.
The Vandalia C.U.S.D. #203 is adopting three plans for the 2020-21 school year.
Any of the plans may be implemented throughout the school year based on the current context of Fayette County health data, including COVID-confirmed positive cases, presumptive positive cases and our COVID positivity rate, and any statewide mandates to which the district may be subject, including – but not limited to – any executive orders of the hovernor and/or the IDPH/ISBE requirements which may be in place at the time.
Return to Learn at 100% or 50% Capacity-Plan A
Return to Learn at 100% Capacity – All students and staff will run on a normal schedule five days a week, with PPE being required (as mandated by the current executive order of the governor and/or the IDPH/ISBE requirements), as social distancing will be adhered to as much as possible, but given the size of our classrooms, desks are not guaranteed to be spaced 6 feet apart.
Accommodations will be made for our students who are immune-compromised.
Face coverings are not required to be worn outside, and our green spaces will be utilized to allow for time outside when the weather permits.
Our maximum capacity in any one space is 50 total individuals (as mandated by the current executive order of the governor and/or the IDPH/ISBE requirements).
Return to Learn Blended Remote at 50% Capacity – Students will be divided into two groups with a split schedule.
Half of the students will have a Monday/Wednesday in school schedule and the other half will attend in person on Tuesday/Thursday. Friday will be remote learning for all.
The students are divided alphabetically, with families within the same household running on the same schedule. On the split schedule, when students are attending in-person, they will be required to follow to health and safety protocols designated above for full capacity (as mandated by the current executive order of the governor and/or the IDPH/ISBE requirements).
Vandals All-In Remote Learning-Plan B
Vandalia C.U.S.D. #203 will provide a remote learning option for parents to opt-in for the 2020-21 school year.
Parents will be able to opt-in for the entire first semester, with an option at second semester to return in person or remain on the remote learning platform.
• Note that OKAW is not an option, as we have specific guidelines from the state (ISBE/ICCB/IDPH) that does not allow the flexibility with required hands-on learning outcomes.
• Behind-the-wheel (instruction for driver education) must be done in person with the required face coverings per ISBE/IDPH.
Return to Learn Remote Only-Plan C
If a COVID outbreak occurs within Vandalia/Fayette County, and we are required to close our buildings for a set amount of time working with FCHD, we will automatically shift to the remote learning option until we can resume in person learning.


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