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Card Shower
The family of Hilmer and Ruth Magnus request a card shower in honor of the their 75th wedding anniversary.
Hilmer and Ruth Magnus were married at St. Peter Lutheran Church parsonage on July 15, 1945.
Send greetings to them c/o Shelly Young, 2464 E. 1000 Avenue, Farina, Ill.  62838.?
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church
The pastor was the Rev. Ryan Meyer. Sunday morning worship attendance was – 8 a.m. service: 65; 10:15 a.m. service: 76.
The organist was Jamie Lotz. Kevin Wodtka and Marv Wollin were attending elders.
In Our Prayers
• Those with health concerns:
Mitch Harpster
Pastor Michael Siendenstriecker
Wilbert Schroeder
Kathy Mahon
• Missionaries to Puerto Rico:
The Rev. Anthony and Jamie DiLiberto and family
• Baptized
Adley Drew Chasteen
• Those with long-term health concerns:
Pam Berg Kepley
Bruce Robb
Haven Mueller
Camryn Coughlin
Sue Courson
Ann Dunaway
Craig Wolff
Max Montgomery
Maria Oswald
Kennah Hiestand
Andy Dunaway
Jackie Brandt
Doris Wollin
Eleanor Deverick
Kendra Butts
Larry Hagen
Tammy Morrison
Cathy Hassebrock
Jerry Lynch
Mark Dunaway
Lisa Pemberton
Kay Holaday
Serenity Guy
Charles Brauer
Angela Mace
Trudy Fogler
Justy Rothe
Jordan Schaal
Dale Bahde
Jill Magnus
Krue Hill
Linda Herrmann
Larry Lotz
Caleb Meyer
Melissa Doyen
Terrie Ann Butts
Anderson Jones
Reggie and Kathy Grandt

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