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Requested Information …
… by our readers, who are wanting to know how the Homestead Critters are doing. They seem to cope with the changing weather conditions better than some of us humans.
Katie, the outside doggie has an insulated igloo dog house,  a lawn chair of her own with an outdoor window fan,  placed to blow directly on her chair, and, winter or summer, she likes to lay in her chair, where she can see our deck and back door, Rooster Cogburn’s  pen, and on across the yard to watch Bucky Burro running and playing in his pen and to watch Ellie Rose (labradoodle) running around and around the yard, circling our home.
Bucky Burro also likes to watch us and the other critters.  He was playing with his feed pan this week, pushing it around in his pen, as if it was a beach ball.
He watches the back door in the mornings and greets us with his cute little bray. He and Ellie Rose seem to like one another.
When Ellie is out in the yard, Bucky will run, jump and kick up his back feet, showing off for her. Ellie sits and watches him as he cavorts around his pen. Bill has taken Ellie out to his pen and they touch noses through the fence.
Rooster Cogburn never fails to fulfill (what I believe to be) his life’s purpose, to herald in the sunrise every morning.
Ellie Rose is still puppy-like – she loves to grab Bill’s outdoor shoes and drag them into the living room to his chair. She watched what we are doing and prefers us to be together, so she can keep an eye on us. She gets excited and jumps around. However, when she is outside with Bill, if he even coughs a little, she stops and looks back at him to see if he is OK. If one of us is in a different room, she checks on the one of us who is missing.
She loves to ride in the car and is very good. She does like to run by something, grab it and run right past us with the object. However, this happened with Bill’s sandwich  one day and she got in trouble for that one.
She can be tempted by a box of doughnuts. We don’t feed her people food, but she snagged a donut one morning and has been an addict ever since. She even recognizes the unopened box, so it is kept out of reach and hidden.
She gets very good care from Dr. Lindsey and staff, and also from her “hairdresser and beauticians,” Betty and the   girls.
She starts wagging her tail when she arrives at both   places.
Her gyn even commented that she was so well-mannered and courteous as she was having her ears examined and asked who had trained her, a great compliment for Tammie & Robert at Darn Far.
Admittedly, she still has some areas that need a little smoothing out, but she is so funny and sweet and she loves us … almost as much as we love her.
• Helping Hands Food Pantry give-away is Saturday from 9:30a.m.-noon at the Golden Years building in Brownstown. Remain in your car – food will be delivered.
One box per household. Sponsored by the Brownstown Ministerial Alliance.
The Helping Hands Food Pantry workers could use any extra jars with lids and plastic bags (quart and gallon).   
• The Thursday night Bible study has been resumed at the Golden Years building, at 6:30 p.m.  
• Summer Lunches for Kids continues until Aug. 7.  Volunteers are needed and donations are appreciated. To volunteer or for more information, call Holly Smith at 322-2804.
• Young Mason Elie Feltner, who has been diagnosed with leukemia, is undergoing chemotherapy at this time. He enjoys cards he receives through the mail. His address is:  Mason Elie Feltner, 421 South St., Brownstown, ll. 62418.
Fayette County HCE Sefton Unit
• Sefton HCE Unit will meet this Thursday, at 1 p.m. at the Golden Years building Brownstown.
During this meeting, members will be assembling personal dignity kits. The members are asked to bring small items to place in small bags, which will be provided by Flo Allen,
Suggested for the kits are small containers of personal care/hygiene items such as shampoo, soap, deodorant, facial cleaners and dental care items.
The kits will be distributed to veterans.
Needed for the Brownstown Column …
… are your church news and announcements, school news,  club and personal news and announcements.
Fayette County HCE Board Notes
Club President Ashley Davis included the following announcements, along with other information, in her report:
• Membership and unit dues are being extended to July 31.  Members are to mail their dues to Treasurer Connie Green by Aug. 14. The due date will revert back to June 31 in 2021.
• Fayette County annual HCE meeting is Monday, July 13, at the Golden Circle Senior Center, 616 W. Jackson St., Vandalia.
Registration is at 4:30 p.m. and potluck at 5 p.m.
The program will include the presentation of CVH certificates and gold seals, other annual awards and installation of officers.

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