KC offering free, self-paced online classes

Kaskaskia College is pleased to announce that it will offer 10 free, self-paced online classes this spring. The free courses include a mix of hard and soft skills that apply to today’s changing job market.
Dr. Ashley Becker, vice president of Instruction Services for Kaskaskia, said, “We are pleased to be able to offer these classes at this time. With the Covid-19 Pandemic, there are some great class offerings that our community could take advantage of to build their skill set.”
Having the right skills and knowing how to utilize them is vital for both job seekers and those currently employed. Not only will students leverage these courses to enter the workforce or advance their career, it is our hope that employers can also use them as a professional development opportunity.
Courses to be offered include areas of Web Design, Digital Marketing, Business and Organizational Management, and Personal and Professional Development.
These courses are not for college credit and do not apply to any degree or certificate at Kaskaskia College.
Courses include:
Creating Web Pages – This class will include the skill set and technical knowledge required to create web pages. Students will learn to build new web presences for clients or business, training or academic courses, as well as learn the conceptual and technical infrastructure for building web sites.
Creating Word Press Web Sites – WordPress is the leading framework for creating and deploying data-driven web sites and applications. This course will help to build web sites, upgrade outdated sites or manage a business with a web presence.
Marketing Your Business on the Internet – During the COVID-19 crisis, many institutions and businesses have learned firsthand the importance of online marketing, including refreshed web sites and social media campaigns. This class will help create new consumption patterns and new opportunities for those who know how to market products and services on the Internet.
Small Business Marketing on a Shoestring – As the Internet has become a universal resource for individual departments and small businesses, it offers significant opportunities for inexpensive yet effective marketing. This class will assist with web sites and social media as well as offer the digital tools used in creative and cost effective marketing.
Fundamentals of Management and Supervision – This class will assist even the most experienced managers and leaders as they lead workers remotely. Remote teams and digital management tools can place a special emphasis on personal management and team leadership skills. This course will help with best practices used to help transition a team through the COVID-19 period and set a foundation for excellence beyond.
Keys to Effective Communication – This class will include the intermediation of personal and team interactions that can change the dynamic of communication. Whether through written or voice and visual tools, intermediated communication is different and can be more challenging than the face-to-face environment. Also included will be the best practices of effective communication – clarity, empathy, flexibility and many others and how they apply to the remote environment just as they do in person.
Managing Customer Service – This course will include how to manage customer service delivery and attaining new levels of customer satisfaction with a review of the essentials of customer service.
Individual Excellence – This course includes the fundamentals of success and how they are anchored in individual excellence, which is built upon solid personal habits. A time of isolation can be a great opportunity to refresh practices in goal-setting, time management, stress management, mindfulness and communication.
Personal Finance – Any season of crisis can threaten our financial wellbeing. For many facing job disruption during the COVID-19, the financial challenge may be particularly acute.
This course can provide helpful reminders around issues such as personal or household budgeting, income and expense opportunities and tools for managing finances.
Twelve Steps to A Successful Job Search – Millions of Americans are searching for a new job during the COVID-19 pandemic. For those on the hunt for a career change, a quick, efficient job search is crucial to keeping emotional and financial balance during this difficult season.
This course will include an orderly approach to research, preparation, interviewing and job selection.
Kaskaskia College is pleased to offer these courses to our community during these uncertain times.
Students register for these classes at www.ed2go.com/kaskaskia courses will be available through June 30. Call the office of Industrial and Continuing Education at 545-3255 if you have any questions or would like additional information.

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