E911 address confusion

The Fayette County Board is asking the county’s E911 coordinator to next month help clear up any confusion about the new addressing system implemented for E911.
The county board discussed the issue after Bill Blythe joined in Tuesday’s teleconference meeting to express concerns about the new system as it pertains to his business in the Bluff City area.
With there being technical issues with Blythe being able to express his concerns, board member Merrell Collins said that he had spoken with Blythe, who said he has had problems getting people to his business.
“He noticed some things that appear to be wrong this weekend, and that’s when he called me,” Collins said. “I’ve had other residents in the south part of the county that have called in.”
Collins said that he sat down with County Engineer Michael Maxey to have him explain “how it’s supposed to be working.
“But it’s still very confusing, and there’s going to be as as the guys get through the rest of the county,” Collins said.
“There’ll be a lot more phone calls – you can expect to get some, because there’s parts of it that just seem totally illogical,” Collins said.
“I’ve been all over the country, and quite frankly, I have never seen county road signs of this nature. Some of the roads are numbered, some of the roads have been named,” he said.
“Some of the main county highways have as many as three different numbers down in my area. I don’t know what other parts of the county are experiencing. But it is very difficult,” Collins said.
Board Chairman Jeff Beckman added that he has been contacted about issues with GPS not directing people to the correct place.
Maxey said that his department has not been involved in setting up the new address system, that it has only been helping to install new road signs.
But, he tried to help explain the system as he understands it.
For example, N (north) and S (south) designations have been switched, with addresses now having avenue and street designations, starting at the west end of the county for streets and the southwest corner of the county for avenues.
For example, Maxey said, the residence bearing the address 2311 E. 1150 St. is 23.11 miles north of the county’s southern board and 11.5 miles east of the county’s western border.
“There’s no doubt we’ve got mistakes – we’ll see some signs are gone and missing,” Maxey said, “(but) in the end, it should be corrected (and) it should match what your mailing addresses is, and the signs should match.
“Say you have a road here that goes north and then turns and goes west, (then) goes north. That road will get named different names as it goes,” he said.
“Maybe that maybe they shouldn’t (have), but that’s what they did. Because they try to adhere to the old reference numbers, and they, they did a real good job with that to the point where, like you said some places maybe it doesn’t make sense. But that’s what we’ve got,” Maxey said.
Sheriff Chris Smith said, “We love it, but we understand everything thoroughly.”
Maxey said, “The E’s and the N’s have switched, and I’m getting several calls that the signs are wrong. And what it is they’re just different.
“The numbers match – the E’s and the N’s have switched. And I think it’s gonna take a while for folks to get used to this new street system, but it actually should match what their 911 address has been for a few years now.
“So, they take the number that’s on their box (and) add it to the street sign, it should be what their address is,” Maxey said.
“I’ve had my guys check and there’s places you go straight to the house, and then some some places you don’t,” he said.
“So I don’t know if it’s the mapping software you use or whatever phone you have or what – it may be (that) for some people it works and some people it don’t,” Maxey said.
“You’re bound to get calls about it being right or whatever, and it’s just going take a while for us to get it right – there’s no doubt about it,” Maxey said.
The board agreed to ask E911 Coordinator Kevin Jenne attend its July meeting to explain the new addressing system and clear up any issues with it.
Also at the meeting:
• The board voted to change the title of the person heading up the county’s Emergency Management Agency from coordinator to director, to match up with the title being used in other counties.
• The board approved the semiannual reports for the period ending May 31 for the sheriff’s office and county clerk and recorder’s office.
• The board approved the renewal of a liquor license for Summer Breeze Wine House Inc. for one year.
• The board approved the Fayette County Hospital District Board of Directors reappointments of Nancy Pryor, James Lay and Carol Price for a three-year terms ending June 30, 2023.
• The board approved the Brownstown Fire Protection District reappointment of Trustee William Robison for a three-year term ending May 1, 2023.
• The board approved the Fayette County Board of Health appointment of Jenny Waggoner as a county board representative for a one-year term expiring on June 30, 2021.
• The board approved the reappointment of Vernon L Brazle of Brownstown (Sefton Township) to the Fayette County Board of Review for a two-year term that ends on May 31, 2022.


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