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Animal control

All indications are that Fayette County is on the verge of getting an animal control program up and running.
Fayette County Board member Merrell Collins, chairman of the board’s animal control subcommittee, reported at Tuesday’s board meeting that the committee and Bruce DeLashmit of Bellwether, the county’s administrative assistant, met recently with representatives of municipalities in the county to discuss intergovernmental agreements.
“The verbiage was where the issue was with the animal control intergovernmental agreement, and reportedly that’s been all worked out now and everybody satisfied,” Collins said.
He said that the Vandalia City Council, which had expressed some concerns earlier, is scheduled to vote on its agreement with the county.
At last week's council meeting, Vandalia Mayor Rick Gottman said that the agreement will be on the agenda for next Monday's meeting.
“Then, it will be our July meeting where hopefully everything can be approved and we can get the program started,” Collins said.
“So, I think everything is in line to get the same goal,” he said.
“One of the other hangups has been the cat situation, and Bruce (DeLashmit) laid out what is the cost if we included cats in this program, and everybody was pretty quick to understand, even Mayor (Rick) Gottman that we just can’t afford to do that right now.
“There are some possibilities of some programs that I would like to see our administrator/warden pursue, but till we get somebody in place, ain’t gonna be nothing happening,” Collins said.
The intergovernmental agreement includes contributions from all governmental entities in the county for construction of an animal control shelter, vehicle, equipment and operations.
The total capital outlay for shelter construction, vehicle and equipment is listed at $33,500, with the total coming from $24,000 for a building, $4,000 for a vehicle, $3,000 for equipment and $2,500 for office setup.
The contributions by the county and municipalities in the county as listed on that document, based on population, are: county, $19,197; Vandalia, $9.787; St. Elmo, $1,129; Brownstown $753; Farina, $941; Ramsey, $941; and St. Peter, $753.
The annual operating costs for the program are estimated at $86,230, including $46,000 for labor.
The proposed annual contributions for the governmental entities are: county, $51,000; Vandalia, $26,000; St. Elmo, $3,000; Brownstown, $2,000; Farina, $2,500; Ramsey, $2,500; and St. Peter, $2,000.
The document includes prorated contributions for the current fiscal year: county, $38,250; Vandalia, $19,500; St. Elmo, $2,250; Brownstown, $1,500; Farina, $1,875; Ramsey, $1,875; and St. Peter, $1,500. The total for the balance of this fiscal year is $66,750.


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