VCHS starting GOALS class for frosh this fall

While schools have recently been released for the summer, Vandalia Community High School is still hard at work planning for the fall term.
The 2020-2021 school year will see a change to students’ schedules, with the transition of morning enrichment classes moved to the end of the day.
This change will allow for less loss of instruction time for student-athletes who leave for sporting events or those released early for work.
It will also reward sophomores, juniors and seniors who maintain a C average or better in all classes with an option to opt-out of the enrichment for the next quarter.
Incoming freshman will experience this last class hour of school differently.
For the class of 2024, VCHS staff will be piloting a new class that is geared toward developing both hard and soft skills critical to this age group.
This new course, GOALS, an acronym for Guiding Others to Achieve Lifelong Success, will provide students with a small class setting to reinforce English and mathematics skills.
It will also introduce them to the basics of digital citizenship, financial literacy, and navigating life beyond the halls of high school.
According to VCHS Principal Randy Protz, “It is important to introduce our freshman students to these skills so that they understand the responsibilities they’ll need to master to be successful students and, in four short years, adults.
“We want them to be able to manage their own paths to adulthood. So, we are going to start the minute they put their foot through our doors,” Protz said
GOALS is not only providing students with academic support, but will also provide a structured, safe place for students to develop mental health strategies as well.
Through individual reflection and teacher lead discussion, students will engage with topics relating to resilience, communication, problem-solving and emotional intelligence.
“No teacher focuses solely on academics in his or her classroom. These areas are frequently in our daily lessons,” freshman English teacher Joey Daniken said.
“But, by giving students dedicated time and a space to engage in this crucial set of skills, we are reinforcing teaching to the whole student.
“This matters greatly in how our students manage life outside of our four walls,” Daniken said.
GOALS will be a year-long course for freshman this coming school year, but with its success, there are plans to modify it for upper-level students in the future.

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