Leader-Union offers CPR program to assist businesses re-opening

The news this week of the gradual re-opening of our local businesses that have either had to shut down or curtail their operations is welcome news.
Hundreds, if not thousands, of local employees have been affected by COVID-19 and its fallout. Small business is probably the largest employer in the county.
Those employees are our friends, family, neighbors – the faces we used to see almost every day.
For those employees in particular, the shutdown the past couple of months has been miserable, both emotionally and financially.
With local and state easing of restrictions and the recommended path of reopening, there is hope for a brighter future.
Reopening begins
Next week, a number of businesses will begin to test the waters to re-open.
It is time for local residents to show their support for our local businesses. As we mentioned, they not only are a major economic driver of our local economy, but they are also ones that return money to our community in greater numbers than any other category. And they support our community in ways no large conglomerate could, or would.
When you do business with them, you are investing in your community and giving them the resources to pay their employees and support our athletic teams, civic clubs and a myriad of community organizations and causes.
As we go through this phasing-in of returning to normal, we urge local residents to stop in and thank our local businesses for re-opening, and we hope you support them as well.
CPR program
Today, the Leader-Union also announces the implementation of Community Pandemic Relief program for local Fayette County businesses.
To start, we are going to give — free of charge — a one-eighth page ad (2 columns by 5¼ inches) to every local business as they open their doors.
The advertisement can be used to announce the re-opening, establish hours of business and explain any process changes necessitated by the pandemic.
There are no strings attached.
It doesn’t matter if you have never done business with The Leader-Union before; we still want to extend the offer.
Businesses can sign up for that free ad through our website, with June 8 being the deadline to sign up.
Every business owner and employee in Fayette County has been negatively impacted by this crisis. We all have a responsibility to help each other get back on our feet and move things forward.
Regular readers of The Leader-Union know the newspaper has been hurt and that local advertising has been reduced. Businesses that are not open aren’t going to spend money on advertising.
We continued publishing to make sure accurate, reliable and accurate news was available, and to provide a necessary vehicle for businesses that also remained open.
Now that the reopening has begun, we need the support of our advertising partners to remain viable. But, again, we’re going to be working with you to make that happen.
Matching dollars
The second phase of our CPR program will be an investment in your businesses marketing effort going forward.
The Leader-Union will match your advertising spending through July 1. The program will involve both print and digital advertising in the Leader-Union.
If your business spends $1,000 on advertising, we will match that with another $1,000.
Our advertising representatives have all the details on both Phase I and Phase II of the CPR program.
You can make an appointment by calling 283-3374 or you can go online and fill out the application at www.leaderunion.com.
We only ask that you fill out the application by June 30.
There’s no commitment beyond your free ad. There are additional incentives if you do, but the program is flexible to allow you to adjust it to your needs.
The Leader-Union is one of the oldest businesses in Fayette County. This year we celebrate our 153th birthday.
We survived World War I and the 1918 pandemic. We struggled through the Great Depression of the 1930s and World War II.
The recession of 2007 hurt our local economy, but only the current pandemic resulted in the mandatory closure of most local businesses.
Stay safe
As businesses begin to reopen and we launch this CPR program, consumers have the responsibility to be smart. It is important to continue to follow all the safety rules to stop the further spread of the virus.
At the same time, consumers must remember that the health of the local economy is an important factor that impacts the quality of life for everyone who lives here.
We are all stakeholders in this process of firing up our economy.
The Leader-Union editorial and circulation departments will continue doing their part to tell the story of our recovery and of our community.

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