Late state payments put dent in school budget

Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Garrison told the Vandalia Board of Education last week that she was preparing an amended budget for fiscal year 2020 due to the funds owed by the state.
“We’re currently seeing that the state is now getting further behind on what’s called our mandated categoricals, so our special education, any state grants, driver’s education, transportation, we are behind one mandated categorical (payment),” Garrison said.
“And, we are not expected to receive another this (fiscal) year,” she said.
That means that the Vandalia district is receiving only half of its categorical funds.
“Currently, the amount that the state owes us is $154,266.42. Multiply that times two, you get $308,532.84,” Garrison said.
“I cannot increase our budget to absorb the expenditures, so I’m presenting an amended budget on the education fund,” she said.
The amended budget that was being put on display for public view, she said, “shows a deficit of $289,902.”
Without the delay in receiving state funds, Garrison said, “we would have a balanced budget.”
Also at last week’s meeting, the board approved the following personnel items:
• Resignations – Molly Edwards, seventh-grade girls volleyball coach; Walt Kinney, high school math teacher; and Cody Drone, high school history teacher.
• Hirings – Alyssa Flynn, high school history teacher; Christa Halford, junior high Gear-Up/PaCE position; Shayla Washburn, elementary school 5½-hour cook; and Michelle Helton, elementary school five-hour cook.
• Dismissal of non-teaching coaches – Bill Blythe, VCHS girls tennis; Gabe Emerick, VCHS soccer; Erica Foltz, VCHS track; Jade Heiserman, VCHS interim volleyball assistant; Kevin Helm, eighth-grade girls volleyball; Elizabeth Mills, VCHS girls softball head coach; Nathan Miller, VCHS girls softball assistant coach and VJHS girls softball head coach; Patrick Myers, VCHS wrestling assistant; Alex Foster, VCHS wrestling assistant; Kevin Schroder, VCHS boys golf head coach; Misty Thompson, VCHS football and basketball cheerleading coach; Jennifer Potts,VCHS bowling; and Brian Swain, VCHS girls golf.

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