Let’s get animal control behind us

How about we put a stop to the back-and-forth chatter about whose fault it is that efforts to revive an animal control program in Fayette County have stalled.
In recent weeks, that finger pointing is really about all that's been accomplished.
An end, hopefully, may be in sight, with Ramsey Village President Chris Wall calling for a meeting of the principles.
That apparently is what's needed at this point – getting the major players from the county, and maybe even the entire county board, together with representatives from all municipalities in the county.
That way, everyone involved in the decision-making process knows exactly what's going on and what's needed to get the program in operation once again.
Such a meeting will, as Bruce DeLashmit of the county's administrative assistant firm says, will delay the process.
But, at this point, it seems to be the only way for everyone to be on the same page as to the operations of the animal control program in our county.

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