Courthouse opens up on Monday

The Fayette County Courthouse is being opened back up to the public on Monday, and employees in county offices are returning to work today (Wednesday).
A resolution approved by the Fayette County Board states, “the health and well being of the citizens and employees of Fayette County remains a constant concern for all officials of Fayette County and continued prudent self-protection and temporary safeguards are warranted.
“Technology exists and has been procured to sample visitor temperature using a zero-contact thermometer by the entrance deputy, and department heads have established temporary safeguards, schedules and plans to protect visitors and employees.
The resolution states that all visitors will be screened and their temperature taken upon entry.
The screening will consist of four questions:
1. Have you or anyone in your immediate contact been diagnosed with COVID-19?
2. Have you or anyone in your immediate contact sought care for COVID symptoms?
3. Do you now or have your recently had a persistent cough?
4. Will you consent to having your temperature taken via no-contact method?
“An answer in the affirmative or suggesting potential exposure or refusing temperature by no-contact method shall be grounds to limit access to the courthouse, and a representative from the appropriate department shall meet the visitor in the lobby,” the resolution states.

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