County stories sought for bicentennial

As we prepare to celebrate the Fayette County Bicentennial have you heard about any of these small communities that once were a part of our county?
Have you heard of Perryvillle, Bayle City, Bingham, , Vera, Hagerstown, Four Mile, Twin Churches, Pin Oak, Wrights Corner, Hansen, Arm Prairie, Skunk Prairie, Shafter, Little Hickory, Pittsburg, and others?
This is only a few of the communities that once filled our county.
Do you know where the brick yards were located?
Do you know which community thought it was going to be the capital of the state?
Do you know which communities were in the oil field?
Do you know where the Chicago gangsters spent their weekends and sometimes their summers?
Do you know where Chicago disposed of its “waste wood and metals” after the fire?
There were a lot of apple orchards in our county. A farmer could get 36 bushels of apples in his wagon and sell them for $1.00 each.
Or, he could take them to a distillery, have them made into juice and put in gallon jugs, and he could get 200 in his wagon.
He sold them for $1 each.
Where were these orchards and distilleries?
If you know anything about the people, businesses or the activities and locations of any of our small communities in Fayette County, shared anything you know about them.
The Fayette County Museum will be donating space to share this information and any items from the communities during the bicentennial year.
However, the volunteers at the museum need time to prepare the displays.
Information – name of community, location, and your “story” about it – to: o Fayette County Museum, 301 W. Main St., Vandalia, Ill. 62471 or email it to [email protected] by June 1.
It is also suggested that churches, organizations, businesses, and individuals begin making plans for a float or some entry for the Fayette County Bicentennial Parade on June 19.

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