County OKs resolution on opening businesses

The following resolution was approved by the Fayette County Board.
Included are sections of the initial resolution that were stricken in an amended resolution. Also, sections that were amended or added to the initial resolution are in italics.
A Resolution Regarding
Regional Return to Business
Whereas, the Governor of the State of Illinois Executive Order 2020-10 is continued and extended in its entirety for the duration of the Gubernatorial Disaster Proclamations, which currently extends through May 30, 2020; and
Whereas, the health and well being of the citizens of Fayette County remains a constant concern for all officials of Fayette County and continued prudent self-protection and temporary safeguards are warranted; and
Whereas, The Fayette County Board and Health Department agrees with the Governor of Illinois’ efforts to protect those most at risk through continued quarantine of Nursing, Group and Assisted Living facilities, the advised self-quarantine of the elderly and those residents with pre-existing conditions and the closure schools for the remaining school year; and
Whereas, several counties, municipalities, health departments, and state representatives have worked together to devise a three phased plan to reopen the economy for workers and businesses that monitors COVID19 case load, and the area medical facilities ability to treat life threatening conditions, herein referred to as the “Back to Business” plan, and
Whereas, Fayette County believes it is better able to monitor local changes in infections and the local areas ability to treat those infections than the regional approach proposed by the Governor on May 5, 2020 , and
Whereas, the rate of infection, illness and mortality has proven to be consistently lower in less populace, rural, downstate counties and demonstrably so in Fayette County; and
Whereas, the Governor of the State of Illinois Executive Orders, while exercising an abundance of caution with regard to controlling the spread of COVID-19, have had significant and potentially long-lasting negative impact on the economy of Fayette County; and
Whereas, the Governor of the State of Illinois has exceeded his authority granted to him for emergency orders not to exceed 30 days, under the Illinois Emergency Management Act, and
Whereas, the Governor of the State of Illinois has twice extended this order, and
Whereas, the Governor of the State of Illinois did not call the legislature into session to address and debate legislation to continue the restrictions implemented in his executive order of March 9, 2020, and
Whereas, any imposition of restrictions of constitutionally guaranteed rights by government is a form of martial law, and
Whereas, the ongoing restrictions on business threaten the livelihood and economy of Fayette County residents and in doing so threatens the enduring quality of publicly funded services such as schools and public safety; and
Whereas, each business remains responsible for their own compliance with Illinois State regulating bodies and are wholly responsible for their own liability in conducting business.
Now, therefore, the Honorable Members of The Fayette County Board call on the Governor of Illinois to immediately allow local government determination of Return to Business for the State of Illinois.
Whereas, Governor Pritzker has repeatedly stated he is relying on local government to enforce his executive orders, and
Whereas, the Fayette County Board did not exercise any authority to close businesses or impose any form of martial law in relation to the COVID19 pandemic in the County’s emergency declaration, and
Whereas, the Fayette County Board has no legal authority to enforce Governor Pritzker’s current or future restrictions on business or other infringements on personal liberties or constitutional rights, and
Whereas, the Fayette County Board acknowledges the importance of the entire well-being of the citizens of Fayette County to include their health and abilities to provide shelter and food for themselves and their families through work and economic livelihood,
Now Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the Fayette County Board endorses and recommends the Back to Business plan as described in attachment A of this document be promptly implemented, and that this plan should immediately be shared with the Governor, as well as the leaders of the four caucuses of the Illinois Legislature and Senate, as well as any other county or municipality, businesses, or person requesting a copy of the plan.
And further, call on the Governor of Illinois to allow local government to implement plans in concert with local Health Departments and Regional Medical Centers on criteria for reopening while protecting the citizens and methods of monitoring the continued COVID crisis and its impact on Fayette County.

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