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Helping Hands Pantry …
… food give-away will be held Saturday from 9 a.m.-noon at the Golden Years Building in Brownstown.
Please stay in your car and the box of food will be brought to you.
Hopefully & Prayerfully Peaceably …
… we will soon be back to going to church … and writing about it; going  to  our  HCE  Sefton meetings,  Golden Years and other community, club and church activities …and writing about them; seeing our young people pick up their lives where it was interrupted by COVID 19, and everyone’s concern for their safety … seeing our friends’ and neighbors’ smiles as we meet them on the street … and having your local news writers having more announcements, school and other news to share with you.
Meanwhile, thanks for your faithfulness and patience with us, as we endeavor to fill the column space with items we hope will be of interest.
Written Last Day
of April 2020 …
… of times we will never forget, and which has brought to mind snatches of our childhood memories of our parents’ and other adults’ conversations of the Great Depression, World War II, etc.
I recalled some of those memories, but wondered at the time if the column would only evoke memories of a time that some of our readers might find painful and better forgotten.
It was with some trepidation that I submitted my writing and thoughts that week to the newspaper, but as I have always wrote about whatever I came to mind as I sat down to write the column,  I decided to continue to do so with this subject.
Thankful for TWO
of our Readers…
… who responded to the column with complimentary comments, which I  appreciate very much.
Dan Willis of Mulberry Grove left a message on our telephone, giving me a verbal “pat on the back” for the World War II Brownstown column.
Marilyn Yakel, of Altamont, formerly of Brownstown, wrote a letter expressing her appreciation and adding memories of her own.
As I, admittedly…
… had no journalistic training, before writing the Brownstown -Sefton news, I simply prayed before touching the keyboard that my writing would be what readers would want to read, sincerely,  with truth and kindness and about the community people and activities.
Happily, some local ladies began sending news items, which I appreciated and became forever grateful to them. I will expound on this experience in the new Brownstown history book that is being prepared.
I still have had no journalist training whatsoever, and I still pray over the column that it doesn’t offend or hurt anyone. 
I was given the opportunity to write the “Fayette Faces” feature stories every week for The Leader Union, which led to a request from Mr. Semple to author Fayette Focus features for the Effingham Daily News the same method applied, and still does.
Thus, I appreciate the comments and the time that Mrs. Yakel and Mr. Willis took, not only to read our column, but also to write and call me.
And the bottom line is … not to forget our veterans and their families and the price they paid for the freedom we have, and for the world news reporters and publications we have in America.
Marilyn Yakel’s
Letter Begins …
Regarding Panzi Blackwell’s article in the April 16th issue ,  I appreciated Panzi’s article very much, as the memories I have of World War II are much like hers.
We lived in Avena at that time and my parents ran the little grocery store, which also had mailboxes.
I remember my Dad sitting on the breadbox outside when he thought he would soon be drafted.
Then, because he had severe allergies and three children, he didn’t have to go after all.
When the war ended, the railroad across from us had many soldiers returning home. One day, a train stopped and some soldiers came into our store.
They bought all our goodies we had on hand, as well as other things. When they left, my folks had to send to Terre Haute to restock.
That was an exciting experience, but also the war was over, which was more exciting. I’m sure with our prayers, God will find a way to fight this deadly virus. We just need to follow instructions and “Keep the Faith.”
She added: “Panzi, thanks. Will this be remembers as World War II.” I thought about sending this to the newspaper, but bnow I’m sharing it with you.
Note to our readers – If you have any thoughts or memories of WWII, let us know.
Remembering the past unity may help us join to conquer coronavirus.
Or, if you have a mushroom story, contact me.

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