I hope that everyone is safe and healthy.
The world as we once knew it, has come to a complete halt – no more going to school, church or out to restaurants. Graduations, dances, weddings, and yes, even funerals – all canceled.
We can’t even go visit our loved ones who are in nursing homes or our children that live away.  This weekend, we visited with our children and grandchildren that live in Missouri via Facetime and Zoom. It just wasn’t the same.
We all know nothing is the same.
The one thing we all should know, is that if we do not comply with the regulations of the stay at home order, this may never be over.
So, please, do not go out unless you absolutely have to.  I look forward to seeing you when this is over.
In Our Prayers
• Those with health concerns:
Rosie Brasel
Charles Brauer
Max Montgomery
Tammy Morrison
• Missionaries to Puerto Rico:
The Rev. Anthony and Jamie DiLiberto and family
• Those with long term health concerns:
Pam Berg Kepley
Joye Bushue
Carolyn Maske
Haven Mueller
Camryn Coughlin
Sue Courson
Ann Dunaway
Craig Wolff
Matthew Benning
Maria Oswald
Kennah Hiestand
Bruce Robb
Jackie Brandt
Doris Wollin
Eleanor Deverick
Kendra Butts
Matthew Benning
Cathy Hassebrock
Jerry Lynch
Andy Dunaway
Mark Dunaway
Lisa Pemberton
Kay Holaday
Serenity Guy
Larry Hagen
Dean Lotz
Barb Schaal
Kayleigh Magnus
David and Lisa Schaal
Kenny and Shannon Martin
Jeff and Jenna Hunt
Week of March 23
Lutheran Care Center is closed to all visitors until further notice.
St. Peter’s Lutheran School and Little Saints Daycare are closed until April 7.
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church will not be having services until after April 7.
Benefit Postponed
The benefit for Matthew Benning scheduled for last Sunday was postponed. The new date will be posted at a later date.
In Our Prayers
• Those with health concerns:
-Rosie Brasel
-Charles Brauer
-Max Montgomery
-Tammy Morrison
• Missionaries to Puerto Rico:
The Rev. Anthony and Jamie DiLiberto and family
• Those with long-term health concerns:
-Pam Berg Kepley
-Joye Bushue
-Carolyn Maske
-Haven Mueller
-Camryn Coughlin
-Sue Courson
-Ann Dunaway
-Craig Wolff
-Matthew Benning
-Maria Oswald
-Kennah Hiestand
-Bruce Robb
-Jackie Brandt
-Doris Wollin
-Eleanor Deverick
-Kendra Butts
-Matthew Benning
-Cathy Hassebrock
-Jerry Lynch
-Andy Dunaway
-Mark Dunaway
-Lisa Pemberton
-Kay Holaday
-Serenity Guy
-Larry Hagen
Shawna Graumenz
Drew Daugherty
Rachel Bray
Peyton Chambers
Brandon Smith
Sydney Miller
Shelly Wasmuth
Grandt Carpenter
Paul Reynolds
Nathan Murphree
Leland Reiss
Douglas Wasmuth
Dean Lotz
Barb Schaal
Kayleigh Magnus
Torrey and Jill Magnus

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