Fayette County HCE holds Get Acquainted Day

The Fayette County Home and Community Education organization held its annual Get-Acquainted Day fundraiser on April 11 at the Golden Years building in Brownstown.

The event includes a potluck brunch, announcements of coming events and presentations of various certificates of achievement by the club and individuals, awarded by the IAHCE   officers.
After a potluck brunch is the organization’s “Make It, Bake It, Sew It, Grow It” auction, which has become a popular feature, creating friendly, albeit sometimes rather heated, competition among the participants.
The auction has certainly proved to be a crowd pleaser, with lots of laughs, and friends are still friends, no matter if they be the victorious bidder or a good-natured loser.
Thirty-eight members and one visitor registered and milled around the auction items table.
Ashley Davis, Fayette County cultural enrichment officer and IAHJCE CVH/sales officer, welcomed all present and expressed her gratitude for the members coming out for the annual fundraiser
Davis also announced that the Fayette HCE office of public relations will be vacated, as Panzi Blackwell is asking to be replaced due to vision conditions. Davis suggested that nominations for the public relations post be made for the upcoming Fayette HCE election.
Davis said that the Fayette County HCE had received recognition by IAHCE for participation and hours submitted.
Donna Blair, Fayette County community outreach/family issues/ CVH (volunteers hours) officer displayed a certificate awarded by IAHCE for the participation of the Fayette HCE members  and for submitting their individual  volunteer hours.
Blair also presented awards to members for earned volunteer hours.   
Blair also gave a brief talk on her appreciation for the CVU records turned in and   what can be done when everyone works together.
A rose was presented to Flo Allen by Elizabeth Kasten on behalf of the Fayette HCE members in recognition of Allen’s years of serving the Fayette HCE club and the communities.
MBSG Annual Auction …
… was underway (and kept under control) by the “Dynamic  Duo” – Awesome Auctioneer Elizabeth Kasten and her helper, DeeDee  Diveley.
The auction items were very nice, pretty and useful, and the baked items looked delicious, and the response bidding was good.
The job of an auctioneer is no easy task and also, often, a thankless one. The club appreciates Kasten for the great job she does every year that she does it, and especially for the extra effort it takes for her to answer our call for her to help our fundraiser as she offers the items, as she does it so well and so successfully.
Like a beautiful diamond, when the light rests on the many different facets in the diamond, each one glows with a different, beautiful internal light.
So it is with all of us – we are not all alike, but each one has a certain glow, a talent or gift that can be of good to others. So can this be true of our HCE members – all are important in some way to the Fayette County HCE. Any one can be an encourager to others – that may be your light that shines on others.


Members of Fayette County Home and Education are pictured with certificates they received for volunteer hours.

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