Banks of the Okaw

No photo this week.
No photo last week.
This week’s Scrambler: mrebeemr atht dritec si noyme.
Can you unscramble it??If so, call The Leader-Union, 283-3374, by 5 p.m. next Monday.
Last week's Scrambler: The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion.
Unscrambling it were: Cy Locke, Lyle and Eula Haslett, Pattie Williams, Ruth Ann Garrison, Larry and Joyce Cable, Elizabeth Kasten, Harold and Loretta Tidwell, Juanita Workman, Sandy Guffey, Misty Gathe, Jack Lewis' fifth-grade class, Dan and Cheryl Willis, Andrew Crosswait, Wayne Purtilar, Don Haslett, and Ed and Doris Young.


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