Banks of the Okaw

This week's photo: This young girl, who was born in 1945, attended Maple Grove School and lives in Pittsburg. She has a son and a daughter, and a brother and a sister.
There was no photo last week.

This week’s Scrambler: tahw  ew lalc ielv si msylpi ocnieragn mugibnp sti ahde ni eht kdar.
Can you unscramble it??If so, call The Leader-Union, 283-3374, by 5 p.m. next Monday.
Last week's Scrambler: Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
Unscrambling it were: Larry and Joyce Cable, Ruth Ann Garrison, Juanita Workman, Sandy Guffey, Misty Gathe, Cy and Lorene Locke, Harold and Loretta Tidwell, Mary Cripe, Walt and Mary Philbrick, Elizabeth Kasten, Paydon Wilkerson's fifth-grade class, Ed and Doris Young, Lois Jackson and Andrew Crosswait.

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