Thefts at cemetery need to be put to a stop

When I went to the cemetery to put flowers on my fathers’ grave for Father’s Day, the red bird house that had been hanging on a shepherd’s hook was gone.
I was in shock and tears to think that someone would take the memento that has meant so much to my family, a little wren house that my mom had hung up in the backyard for years. We think the same family of wrens came back to the place where they always felt safe.
If it were kids that thought they had a right to steal other peoples property, then I think the parents should be ashamed, for they are to blame and should be held responsible.
I heard from the sexton that this has been going on for a couple of years.
The city council needs to resolve this, for it is so disrespectful to the loved ones resting there and their families.
Carole Ray White

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