Hay is Baled – All is Well
Just as finally seeing the farmers working in the fields in the spring, so does the sight of our hay baled up and safe after being cut and just laying helpless on the field after being beaten down by hard rains, hail or whatever.
One of the prettiest calendars I remember seeing was simply a photograph of a field with its harvest of hay standing in rows of golden bales, with a beautiful blue sky decorated randomly with fluffy, white clouds.
An artist couldn’t have painted a more beautiful piece of art. This photograph wasn’t signed, but we know by Whom the setting was created.
HCE 70th Annual Potluck Meeting …
… will be held next Wednesday at the new Golden Years    Building, at the west end of Brownstown, 1725N and 1550E.
Registration is at 6 p.m. and potluck meal at 6:30.
Dedication of  New Golden Years Building …
… is set for July 15, at 3 p.m. Drinks  and dessert will be served.
Sefton HCE Meets, Plans 70th Annual Dinner
  The Sefton Unit of Fayette County Home & Community Education met last Thursday at the Golden Years building for its monthly meeting, with16 members present.
Club President Flo Allen, opened the meeting and led the pledge to the American flag. 
Club Secretary Elizabeth Kasten gave the roll call, asking the question, “What is your favorite cheese?’
Various answers were given by the members present: Brtty Williams, Betty Miller, Carol Behrends, Sally Behrends, Dee Dee Diveley, Helen Reeter, Janice Stafford, Lois Jackson, Connie Largent, LaVonne Kramer, Connie Green, Elizabeth Kasten, Panzi Blackwell, Carol Oldham and Delores Dukeman.
Kasten read the minutes of the last meeting, which were approved. Allen read the board notes and reminded the group of the 70th annual potluck meeting next Wednesday at the Golden Years building in Brownstown. Each member is to take a covered dish.
After the business meeting, a program on Vosse Pecans was held.
Sefton HCE Plans July Outing
The group voted to go to Charleston to visit Betty Miller’s daughter, Julie, and her friend’s unique farm that holds so many different and interesting things, along with the corn, vegetables and other plants. They have paths to follow to different and delightful sires, all scenic and interesting, such as a working beehive, and small garden spots with homemade signs identifying them, such as “Grandma’s Garden’s.”
The Sefton group visited the farm on a previous outing and thoroughly enjoyed the farm and the delicious light lunch provided for them, much of it prepared by the ladies from their homegrown produce.
They had a wide and open view of the premises as they ate the lunch at a very large window.
Following the light lunch, they will all travel to Casey to  tour the area.
All are to meet at the Brownstown High School and plan to leave at 9:45 a.m. on the journey.
Kasten gave a lesson on “Board Games,” and many remembered most of the ganes. Kasten also gave some   interesting, and surprising, history on some of the games.
Kasten also gave the lesson, “Creating a No-Waste Kitchen,”  And each member received a booklet that tells how to get rid of waste in the kitchen.
Allen gave the lesson on “Fairy Gardens” and displayed a miniature garden in a colorful container, with tiny little fairies and objects tucked among the attractive plant leaves growing in the pot.
She read the accompanying lesson, which told about the fairy gardens and how the tiny fairies liked to hide among the leaves or behind pretty rocks, etc.
All admired the fairy garden and applauded all of the lessons presented, with appreciative comments on the information and interesting facts of each of the lessons.
Lois Jackson and Dee Dee Diveley served refreshments of root beer floats.
Brownstown United Methodist  Church
Pianist Bette Stolte played the prelude as the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday services.
Junior Williams and Mannie Orr served as ushers and Gavin Schnarre lighted the altar candles. Pastor Don Thomas greeted all, recognized the birthdays and anniversaries, shared the announcements and prayer list, and led in prayer.
Following the Scripture lesson, Thomas delivered the morning sermon.
Flo Allen led the adult class. Pam Orr was in charge of the children’s worship.
• Thursday at 6 pm – Bible study at the Golden Years building, studying Matthew.
First Christian Church of Brownstown
The congregation of the First Christian Church of Brownstown was led in songs of praise by Karen Underwood and Cathy Smith, accompanied by Susan Smith, pianist, and Chuck Enlow and Walt Kinney on guitars.
The fathers in the congregation were recognized and given   Dairy Queen coupons in appreciation of their love and care.
Serving: greeters, Helen Holman and Nikki Sidwell; nursery, Ashton Smith; a.m. nursery, Tiffany Hipsher; toddler worship, Claudia Edwards and Robbi Edwards; and shut-ins, Matthew Smith and Don Lovett.
Card ministry for Trestin Wall – Give stamped, addressed cards to Karen Morrison.


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