Koontz sentencing hearing postponed

The sentencing hearing for a
Vandalia man found guilty on
child pornography charges has
been delayed.
Ryan J. Koontz, 37, was
scheduled to be sentenced
on Friday afternoon, but his
attorney, Ed Veltman, notified
the court on Tuesday that the sex
offender evaluation has not been
completed, according to court
to a docket
entry made
in the case on
Tuesday by
Judge Marc
Kelly, a status
hearing has
been set for
8:45 a.m. on
May 18.
In a bench
trial on Feb. 21, Kelly found
Koontz guilty on 10 counts of
child pornography.
He was convicted of two
Class X felonies alleging that he
disseminated computer files of a
child that he “reasonably should
have known to be under the age
of 13” engaged in sexual conduct.
Koontz was also charged with
eight Class 2 felonies alleging
possession and/or dissemination
of child pornography.
The Class X felonies are
punishable by up to 30 years
in prison, and the maximum
penalty for the Class 2 felonies is
seven years in prison. Sentences
could also include fines of up to
State law mandates that
sentences in such cases are to be
served consecutively.
Koontz was taken into
custody before daybreak on
Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014, as a
team of investigators from the
office of Illinois Attorney General
Lisa Madigan – accompanied
by Vandalia Police – executed
a search warrant at

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