Attend Visitation
Belinda Harpster and Mahala Jacquin attended the visitation of Belinda’s friend and former classmate, David Sulsberger, in Flora on Friday evening.
Old Friends in Town
The Rev. Bill and Roxanne Emrick, of Indianapolis, Ind., were in the area over the weekend. They visited Lutheran Care Center in Altamont on Saturday. On Saturday night, they met Dane and Belinda Harpster for dinner. They attended church on Sunday at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, where Rev. Emrick was the former pastor. 
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church
Sunday morning worship attendance was 141.
Pastor Meyer was on vacation.
Guest speaker was the Rev. Michael Damery from Forsythe.
Emma Runge served as acolyte.
Darrell Wollin and Ed Young were attending elders.
Remember in Your Prayers
• Those with health concerns:
-Janice Meyer (Aunt of Pastor Meyer)
• Mourning a loss
-The family of John Stedelin
•Those with long term health concerns:
-Mark Dunaway
-Randy Dorr
-Carolyn Maske
-Jay Rothe
-Marcy McDaneld
-Stanley Scott
-Maria Oswald
-Tim Suckow
-Janet Cox
-Eva Alcorn
-Alvin Riedle
-Rosemarie Mack
-Don Blomberg
-Edna Morris
-Jim Jones
-Joye Bushue
-Jeff Carson
-Ann Blomberg
• Sherry Bahde
• Darren Durbin
• James Norman
• Dane Harpster
• Vicki Parker
• Tracy Wollin
• Jim and Melody Norman
• Phil and Alice Stock

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