Vandal wrestlers fifth of 43 at Super Duals

With midway through the season, it’s a good time for Vandalia’s wrestlers to assess where they stand, both individually and as a team, and the event in Springfield last week served that purpose.
And the Vandals came through the two-day Super Dual known as Abe’s Rumble strong, finishing fifth in a field of 43 teams, including some of the best in the state.
Vandalia finished first in its pool as it had a chance to go up against some of the top-ranked Class 1A teams in the state, including No. 1 Lena-Winslow.
“It’s a mid-season state tournament-type of thing,” Vandals coach Jason Clay said.
Forty-five teams were scheduled to participate in Abe’s Rumble, but two dropped out at the last minute, meaning that there was some crossover among classes.
That crossover allowed Vandalia to meet up with Lena-Winslow.
“Dual team-wise, it gives us a little bit of perspective,” Clay said.
“Lena-Winslow is No. 1 right now and they won the tournament, so they’re kind of the team to beat,” he said, feeling good about their contest. The Vandals are currently ranked No. 12 in 1A by Illinois Matmen.
“We had them 30-30 with two matches to go, so we were right there,” he said. “They won both of those matches by decision, but those are the things we can turn around.”
The Vandals’ 285-pound wrestler, Anthony Enlow was down only 1-0 near the end of the match, but lost when his opponent was able to score on an escape.
“That’s probably one we could turn around and we feel there are probably a couple of other places,” Clay said.
So, we feel, if they’re the best team, then we’re in the hunt,” he said.
“From a team standpoint, it maybe shifts our focus a little bit, to realizing that potentially, if we continue to improve, we could compete for a state title, and that’s always a goal of the program,” Clay said.
“We’re not that far from being in the hunt,” he said. “We’ll have to wrestle good to have a chance, but it sets the goal a little higher.”
In addition to getting an assessment of where their team stands at the midpoint of the season, the tournament gave Vandalia wrestlers a chance to see where they stand and what they need to work on.
“We had a lot of good matches,” Clay said. “There weren’t a lot of forfeits, fortunately, so a lot of our people got a lot of matches in. Guys were competing in a dual setting trying to limit bonus points.
“I thought we did a better job of not getting pinned when we were overmatched and maybe a little better job of pinning people when we had the chance to pin them,” he said. “Those are the things that are necessary in a dual setting if you’re going to score big points.
“For the guys who have individual goals, they have some time to improve.
"We didn’t have anybody come through the weekend without a loss, so, obviously, there are improvements to be made.
“Hopefully, a couple of our weaknesses got exposed, and those guys have time to go back in the practice room and work on that, whether it’s attacking somebody and getting a takedown or getting off of bottom or riding somebody out.
“Whatever their weakness is, they have time to improve upon that before the state tournament,” Clay said.
“They lost to some good people, but at the same time, that’s what’s going to be at the state tournament, if you have goals of placing or winning at state as an individual.
“You’re going to have to improve in those areas or you’re not going to have a chance,” Clay said.
Overall, he said, Abe’s Rumble was “a good launch point into the new year.”
The Vandals will be tested repeatedly in the next few weeks.
They face Roxana, Belleville East and Mascoutah this Wednesday, then travel to the always-tough Princeton Tournament this weekend, then have seven duals next week.
“The next couple of weeks are huge for us, as far as coming together mentally and physically, and making improvements,” Clay said.
Pool B – Vandalia
Guaranteed 1st place
Match #1 Round 1
Vandalia defeated Lawrenceville 67-9
132 – Zack Stephenson (Vandalia) over Lathan Chisolm (Lawrenceville) Fall 0:35
138 – Jarrett Paslay (Vandalia) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
145 – Bradyn Kaiser (Vandalia) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
152 – Dustin Lott (Vandalia) over Nick Fitch (Lawrenceville) Fall 0:31
160 – Clayton Smith (Lawrenceville) over Tiler Worker (Vandalia) Dec 9-8
170 – Jesus Cancino (Lawrenceville) over Robby Durbin (Vandalia) Fall 1:42
182 – Garret Stewart (Vandalia) over Gavin Smith (Lawrenceville) Fall 4:56
195 – David Meyer (Vandalia) over Gage Kohlhouse (Lawrenceville) Dec 8-1
220 – Gavin Mouser (Vandalia) over Brian Lyzchowski (Lawrenceville) Fall 5:11
285 – Anthony Enlow (Vandalia) over Nolan Tewell (Lawrenceville) Fall 2:55
106 – Jarek Wehrle (Vandalia) over Emily Hyre (Lawrenceville) Fall 3:16
113 – Dakota Gasaway (Vandalia) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
120 – Matt Hobler (Vandalia) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
126 – Tanner Swain (Vandalia) over Zeth Stallings (Lawrenceville) Maj 8-0
Match #2 Round 2
Vandalia defeated Seneca 60-23
138 – Jarrett Paslay (Vandalia) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
145 – Bradyn Kaiser (Vandalia) over Colt Aldrich (Seneca) Fall 1:55
152 – Jackson Beene (Seneca) over Dustin Lott (Vandalia) Fall 2:26
160 – Gavin Robertson (Seneca) over Zane Ulmer (Vandalia) Fall 1:17
170 – Levi Clark (Seneca) over Robby Durbin (Vandalia) Fall 1:30
182 – Garret Stewart (Vandalia) over Mason Dooley (Seneca) Fall 2:59
195 – Nathan Elliott (Seneca) over David Meyer (Vandalia) Fall 3:39
220 – Gavin Mouser (Vandalia) over Ricky Milliman (Seneca) Fall 0:39
285 – Anthony Enlow (Vandalia) over Jacob Hampton (Seneca) Fall 0:54
106 – Jarek Wehrle (Vandalia) over Luke Sangston (Seneca) Fall 0:35
113 – Dakota Gasaway (Vandalia) over Ben Virgo (Seneca) Fall 1:32
120 – Matt Hobler (Vandalia) over Brett Yegge (Seneca) Fall 3:49
126 – Zack Stephenson (Vandalia) over Cody Carvell (Seneca) Fall 0:16
132 – Tanner Swain (Vandalia) over Zane Comrie (Seneca) Fall 0:50
Seneca’s team score was adjusted by -1.000 for conduct
Match #3 Round 3
Vandalia defeated Mercer County 70-9
145 – Bradyn Kaiser (Vandalia) over Griffen Kernan (Mercer County) Fall 0:43
152 – Dustin Lott (Vandalia) over Colin Miller (Mercer County) Fall 5:24
160 – Tiler Worker (Vandalia) over Caleb Smith (Mercer County) Fall 4:00
170 – Zane Ulmer (Vandalia) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
182 – Robby Durbin (Vandalia) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
195 – Garret Stewart (Vandalia) over Tucker Pinger (Mercer County) Fall 1:17
220 – Gavin Mouser (Vandalia) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285 – Anthony Enlow (Vandalia) over Cal Bigham (Mercer County) Fall 0:19
106 – Jarek Wehrle (Vandalia) over Broctyn King (Mercer County) Maj 10-0
113 – Dakota Gasaway (Vandalia) over Carson Tippie (Mercer County) Fall 0:51
120 – Camden Whitenack (Mercer County) over Matt Hobler (Vandalia) Maj 13-0
126 – Tanner Swain (Vandalia) over Noah Miller (Mercer County) Fall 1:49
132 – Stone Engle (Mercer County) over Zack Stephenson (Vandalia) TF 25-10
138 – Jarrett Paslay (Vandalia) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
Extra-2 – Vandalia
Guaranteed 2nd place
Match #1 1st Place Match
Lena-Winslow defeated Vandalia 39-30
152 – Jason Hermann (Lena-Winslow) over Dustin Lott (Vandalia) Fall 5:32
160 – Colin Dvorak (Lena-Winslow) over Zane Ulmer (Vandalia) Fall 0:42
170 – Rahveon Valentine (Lena-Winslow) over Robby Durbin (Vandalia) Fall 1:15
182 – Garret Stewart (Vandalia) over Gabe Ertmer (Lena-Winslow) Fall 3:55
195 – Elijah Rowe (Lena-Winslow) over Brody Hall (Vandalia) Fall 0:22
220 – Gavin Mouser (Vandalia) over Kylor Bruketta (Lena-Winslow) Fall 1:01
285 – Ian Kuehl (Lena-Winslow) over Anthony Enlow (Vandalia) Dec 5-0
106 – Jaden Rice (Lena-Winslow) over Jarek Wehrle (Vandalia) Dec 6-3
113 – Dakota Gasaway (Vandalia) over Simon Rille (Lena-Winslow) Fall 2:35
120 – Matt Hobler (Vandalia) over Sarah Nicholas (Lena-Winslow) Fall 0:35
126 – Tanner Swain (Vandalia) over Tanner Kalkbrenner (Lena-Winslow) Dec 7-1
132 – Zack Stephenson (Vandalia) over Winston McPeek (Lena-Winslow) Dec 8-6
138 – Hunter Luke (Lena-Winslow) over Jarrett Paslay (Vandalia) Fall 3:11
145 – Jeremiah Hermann (Lena-Winslow) over Bradyn Kaiser (Vandalia) Dec 8-3
32 Team Championship – Vandalia
Match #1 Champ. Round 1
Vandalia defeated Reed-Custer 53-18
170 – Austin Sunday (Reed-Custer) over Robby Durbin (Vandalia) Fall 1:35
182 – Garret Stewart (Vandalia) over Shane Milburn (Reed-Custer) Fall 3:41
195 – Brody Hall (Vandalia) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
220 – Gavin Mouser (Vandalia) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285 – Anthony Enlow (Vandalia) over Logan Zacharias (Reed-Custer) Fall 4:22
106 – Jarek Wehrle (Vandalia) over Hunter Billingsley (Reed-Custer) Maj 8-0
113 – Dakota Gasaway (Vandalia) over Bobby Mann (Reed-Custer) Fall 3:32
120 – Adell Gamboa (Reed-Custer) over Matt Hobler (Vandalia) TF 17-2
126 – Tanner Swain (Vandalia) over Nathan Sharper (Reed-Custer) Fall 1:45
132 – Zack Stephenson (Vandalia) over Colby Letterly (Reed-Custer) TF 16-0
138 – Jarrett Paslay (Vandalia) over Josh Neu (Reed-Custer) Maj 12-3
145 – Gabe Nagel (Reed-Custer) over Bradyn Kaiser (Vandalia) Maj 10-2
152 – Dustin Lott (Vandalia) over Lucas Tribble (Reed-Custer) Maj 9-1
160 – Ryan Shepherd (Reed-Custer) over Tiler Worker (Vandalia) Dec 6-2
Match #2 Champ. Round 2
Vandalia defeated Olympia 42-31
182 – Evan Gaither (Olympia) over Robby Durbin (Vandalia) Fall 1:08
195 – Garret Stewart (Vandalia) over Cayden Compton (Olympia) Fall 0:08
220 – Gavin Mouser (Vandalia) over Kolton Neville (Olympia) Fall 1:08
285 – Keaton Fogler (Olympia) over Anthony Enlow (Vandalia) Dec 8-2
106 – Jarek Wehrle (Vandalia) over Jake Mitchell (Olympia) Dec 7-2
113 – Morgan Dothager (Vandalia) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
120 – Wesly Litwiller (Olympia) over Dakota Gasaway (Vandalia) Fall 1:41
126 – Tanner Swain (Vandalia) over Matthew Bagby (Olympia) Fall 1:00
132 – Zack Stephenson (Vandalia) over Gage McLin (Olympia) Fall 0:24
138 – Jarrett Paslay (Vandalia) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
145 – Bradyn Kaiser (Vandalia) over Grant Kessinger (Olympia) Dec 6-5
152 – Lane Miller (Olympia) over Dustin Lott (Vandalia) Fall 3:09
160 – Xian Graden (Olympia) over Zane Ulmer (Vandalia) Fall 0:23
170 – Landon Alcorn (Olympia) over Tiler Worker (Vandalia) Maj 11-3
Match #3 Quarterfinal
Clifton Central defeated Vandalia 36-31
195 – Robby Love (Clifton Central) over Brody Hall (Vandalia) Fall 0:33
220 – Justin Coggins (Clifton Central) over Gavin Mouser (Vandalia) Fall 1:15
285 – Josh Smith (Clifton Central) over Anthony Enlow (Vandalia) Dec 5-1
106 – Jarek Wehrle (Vandalia) over Max McTaggart (Clifton Central) Fall 4:45
113 – Dakota Gasaway (Vandalia) over Kaleb Lafine (Clifton Central) Fall 0:08
120 – Dane Thorne (Clifton Central) over Matt Hobler (Vandalia) Maj 16-5
126 – Tanner Swain (Vandalia) over Thomas Konetski (Clifton Central) Dec 4-2
132 – Zack Stephenson (Vandalia) over Nick Panozzo (Clifton Central) Fall 5:07
138 – Jarrett Paslay (Vandalia) over Brayden Bailey (Clifton Central) Fall 0:37
145 – Bradyn Kaiser (Vandalia) over Josh Beegle (Clifton Central) Maj 10-2
152 – Kollin Krumwiede (Clifton Central) over Dustin Lott (Vandalia) Dec 5-2
160 – Adrian Pace (Clifton Central) over Tiler Worker (Vandalia) Fall 0:41
170 – Kodie Willis (Clifton Central) over Robby Durbin (Vandalia) Fall 1:02
182 – Jacob Smith (Clifton Central) over Garret Stewart (Vandalia) Dec 7-3
Clifton Central’s team score was adjusted by -1.000 for Unsportsmanlike Conduct
5th-8th – Vandalia
Guaranteed 1st place
Match #1 Semifinal
Vandalia defeated Althoff 37-28
220 – Gavin Mouser (Vandalia) over Andrew McElligot (Althoff) Fall 2:46
285 – Anthony Enlow (Vandalia) over Nolan Schmidt (Althoff) Dec 3-0
106 – Matthew Minick (Althoff) over Jarek Wehrle (Vandalia) Dec 7-3
113 – Dakota Gasaway (Vandalia) over Isaiah Bernal (Althoff) Dec 6-4
120 – Matt Hobler (Vandalia) over Darion Heavens (Althoff) Maj 16-3
126 – Anthony Federico (Althoff) over Zack Stephenson (Vandalia) Maj 21-8
132 – Chase Bittle (Althoff) over Tanner Swain (Vandalia) Maj 10-0
138 – Max Kristoff (Althoff) over Jarrett Paslay (Vandalia) Fall 3:20
145 – Bradyn Kaiser (Vandalia) over Rodney Holas (Althoff) Fall 0:28
152 – Dustin Lott (Vandalia) over Joe Braunagel (Althoff) Dec 11-6
160 – Danny Braunagel (Althoff) over Zane Ulmer (Vandalia) Fall 0:27
170 – Robby Durbin (Vandalia) over Codi Harris (Althoff) Fall 3:27
182 – Zac Braunagel (Althoff) over Garret Stewart (Vandalia) TF 21-6
195 – Brody Hall (Vandalia) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
Match #2 1st Place Match
Vandalia defeated Monticello 54-21
106 – Jarek Wehrle (Vandalia) over Cooper Hunt (Monticello) Fall 1:06
113 – Dakota Gasaway (Vandalia) over Aiden York (Monticello) Fall 0:15
120 – Jimmie Wayne Smith (Monticello) over Matt Hobler (Vandalia) TF 20-4
126 – Tanner Swain (Vandalia) over Ethan O`Linc (Monticello) Fall 3:35
132 – Zack Stephenson (Vandalia) over Garrett Wilkin (Monticello) Fall 2:36
138 – Jarrett Paslay (Vandalia) over Hunter Weeks (Monticello) Fall 1:46
145 – Bradyn Kaiser (Vandalia) over Douglas Nisly-Nagele (Monticello) Fall 2:50
152 – Dustin Lott (Vandalia) over Jack Spence (Monticello) Fall 1:16
160 – Henry Dawson (Monticello) over Tiler Worker (Vandalia) Maj 18-5
170 – Robby Durbin (Vandalia) over Hunter LeConte (Monticello) Dec 11-6
182 – Garret Stewart (Vandalia) over Matt Kerr (Monticello) Dec 6-0
195 – Seth Menacher (Monticello) over Brody Hall (Vandalia) Fall 0:22
220 – Benton Freeseman (Monticello) over Eli Cox (Vandalia) Fall 1:29
285 – Anthony Enlow (Vandalia) over Lonnie Jordan (Monticello) Fall 0:48

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