New home for Golden Years

There have been many “Fayette Faces” involved in the building of the Golden Years Club building, from the first dawning of realization of the members that the old, familiar Pilger on the corner just a block from the village main street was deteriorating and a new home was needed.
When the members held their first potluck meeting in the new building, it was also, appropriately, the first Christmas dinner, as they all joined hands in prayer, some vocally, while all did so silently, within their hearts.
The House that Faith Built …
… and the steps leading to the planning and building was described in a poem written by Brownstown’s resident poet, and a favorite citizen, Dave Arnold.
A member had asked Dave to write a poem about the faith put into the building of a new home for the club and he, at the request of the members, read it at the Christmas dinner.
As Dave had also put in many hours of volunteer and expertise labor on the new building, he was well-qualified to realize and write about the faith and prayers said by the club and the blessings of the Lord, which poured on the project in many forms, including the help, both by professionals and by people simply wanting to help, either physically or monetarily.
There were donations of equipment, operated by the owners, for the new building. There were anonymous monetary donations, as well as donations of appliances and other indoor items.
There were also many hours of labor by club members, including that of the club’s officers and leaders and donations of money that were clearly sacrificial to the donors wanting to help.
Club President Vice President and Treasurer …
… Pastor Don Thomas, DeeDee Diveley and Donald Smail, respectively, led the club in holding on to the faith that the new building would be built and that God would bless the construction of it. All worked diligently, doing physical labor as much as they could. Diveley made and sold her popular Christmas treat, tiger butter candy, and has planned and held raffles, with all proceeds going into the building fund.
The Building Committee met and discussed plans, choices and purchases.
Tuesday’s Christmas Potluck….
… was bountiful and well attended by members, friends and local clergy. It was a meeting of good fellowship and thankfulness for the building, which was expressed to the Lord as all held hands, and appreciation for the leaders who prayerfully and trustingly pushed through any apparent obstacles, never losing faith that the building would be built, and inspiring others to hold on to that faith.
Dave Arnold’s poem began with, “Now faith is the substance for all things hoped for.” A few paragraphs later, he wrote, “Brother Don (Thomas) said, God has given me a plan.”
The last two lines are, “For everyone put their trust in the Lord, and He led us through. Therefore, may this building forever stand as an example of what faith can do. Amen”

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